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Can you get a filling without an injection?

I am a 22 year old male. I wonder if you can get a filling without an injection?

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Yes, depending on the depth of cavities and how “sensitive” your teeth are. Many “small” cavities are being restored without local anesthesia. Good luck to you!
Yes. It depends on a persons pain tolerance and how deep the cavity is. Many people handle doing fillings without anesthesia.
There is no requirement to have a local anesthetic injection when a filling is done, but most people would not want to experience the discomfort associated with the procedure. There are some hardy souls who claim they don't have discomfort, but they are not typical. If it's a small filling with not a lot of decay removal required, it is possible you could have it done without discomfort, but it's very individual. We treat every patient differently because everyone has a different tolerance level. Ask your dentist about it.
Yes, you can certainly get a filling done without having an injection. Please be aware that not receiving an injection will cause discomfort.

It depends on the size and location of the filling as well as the type of person you are, but yes it is possible to do a filling without an injection. Sometimes fillings are only in the enamel so you don't expose the layer underneath and therefore there will be no discomfort. In these times, we usually recommend to go without the injection unless the person is very fearful of dental pain. These people would rather the injection knowing that there is little chance they would feel the dental pain even without it. Other people fear the injection much more than any perceived dental pain. These people are not as common as the previous type, but some will have you do crowns without any injections. It is important to note that these people don't usually even flinch while the work is being done. Finally, the size of the filling is important to know. If it is a small filling then the total amount of time to clean out the cavity could be as little as 30 seconds. At this point you present to the person that it is the possibility of sensitivity for 30 seconds or an injection and the numbness for an hour and a half afterward. Some will chose the injection and some will chose the possible sensitivity for 30 seconds. You can always get a free second opinion and ask the doctor before you go in to have the filling done. Heck the second opinion could reveal that you may be able to wait on having the filling done.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
If the cavity is in the first layer of the tooth, then yes, you can get it done without an injection, but if it is deep, then no.
You can have a filling without local anesthesia. There was a time when local anesthesia was given for an extractions only. If your cavity is in a front tooth, it may be painful. Tell the person at the front desk that you don't want local anesthesia.
If it is slight caries, Yes.