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Can you see a chiropractor after cervical fusion?

I am a 37 year old female. I want to know if you can see a chiropractor after cervical fusion?

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Yes, I have many patients who have received cervical fusions. What the Chiropractor needs to know are which levels were fused and what procedure did you receive. There are also other techniques such as an Activator, which can help move the spinal levels above and below the levels of fusion.
There are several types of cervical fusion. First, it must be totally healed which takes a period of months. If it is natural fusion involving a bone graft, most chiropractic procedures will help. If there is metal or hardware inserted then I would only recommend a procedure called Cox Distraction. We always try to avoid surgery with appropriate treatment. If the patient already underwent fusion, then chiropractic is the best form of post-surgical treatment in most cases.
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Definitely. The chiropractor also needs to perform a thorough examination to assess the proper treatment plan, but your spinal health doesn’t end with just two vertebrae.
After being cleared by your surgeon, you can be seen by a chiropractor for further spinal treatment. However, certain types of chiropractic techniques would more beneficial than others after a cervical fusion. When searching for a chiropractor following your fusion, try looking for chiropractors in your area that utilize Activator adjusting tools or who practice "Upper
Cervical Chiropractic" because those techniques do not utilize high velocity thrusts or forces. They are more gentle techniques that would be better suited for someone following any type of surgical alteration to the spine.
As long as the area that is fused is not touched, you can still see a chiropractor. You should definitely let your chiropractor know what level(s) have been fused.
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Yes, you can see a chiropractor after a cervical fusion surgery. The chiropractor can do manual therapy on your muscles in you cervical region, but they will not adjust you in that area, as you are fused. The good news is you have several other regions in your spine that can still be adjusted, and you would likely benefit from those treatments. I highly recommend seeing a doctor with experience treating people who have had cervical fusion.
Yes, after the surgery has healed, a chiropractor can help manage your cervical spine. The same goes for a natural fusion.
Yes, you can; they will do an exam and possible X-ray to see fused segments. Most fusions are the lower cervical, and the levels above and below the fusion can be adjusted.
Yes, you can.
Obviously, manipulation is not indicated after cervical fusion. Yet 50% of the profession performs gentle techniques that doesn't include manipulation.
You can definitely receive chiropractic care following a cervical fusion and can be very helpful in treating the compensation areas due to the fusion. The doctor won’t adjust the fused segments obviously but will do muscle work in the area and adjust the regions surround the fusion.

Dr. Latza
Yes you may. You may have the levels above and below fusion adjusted.
You can but cervical fusion cannot be manipulated. Chiropractors can work above and below the fusion to help prevent adjacent segmental arthritis as well as prescribe therapeutic exercise to help with your condition.
Hi and yes you can. However diagnostic testing and physical exam needs to be performed. Also work is done above and below the fusion....not on the fused area.
Absolutely! Especially gentle upper cervical care.
You can still see a chiropractor, but you will have to avoid manual adjustments in the neck. Some chiropractors use an instrument (activator, arthrostim, impulse for example) that’s lower force and doesn’t require any ‘twisting’ or ‘cracking’ of the neck and those are safe to use on the neck. I would look for a doctor that utilizes one of those instruments.

Skylar Bakko, DC QNCP PAK BFM

It is very possible for you to still treat with a Chiropractor after cervical fusion. A thorough exam will be needed and certain types of adjustments you would not be able to have, but yes, I think it would be a great thing for you to treat with a Chiropractor.  

Dr Elbonie Hornbuckle Preston
Yes, if the doc practices low movement, specific techniques. I am assuming you mean well after the fusion has healed and stabilized after surgery. Most commonly, the lower neck is fused. If that was the case, for example, a chiropractic physician can provide a lot of relief to upper cervical which can help with headaches and even blood pressure You just avoid adjusting the bones immediately above and below the fusion levels. There could still be other reasons adjusting is not warranted, but go in for the consult and exam and a chiropractor can recommend massage or acupuncture if mobilization of bones is not indicated. Don't let others make that call. I don't let my dentist tell me if I need bunion surgery, nor should any MD tell you what a chiropractor can and cannot do for you. Our profession has too many differences for them to know.
Yes , after we examine you to determine which technique is best for you and your situation.
Of course you can! Manipulation or cracking of the neck is not always a option we do a lot of muscle and tissue work here at our office. What happens with a fused segment in your spine is that it no longer moves freely so the corresponding vertebrae follows suit and become stiff and restricted. By getting treatment it will help increase motion and increases nerve and blood flow circulation to your head and arms at the same time decreasing pain due to stiffness! What are you waiting for?
Short answer will be yes, however, you want to make sure no specific adjustment is done on the neck. You will still benefit from adjustments to your upper back and the rest of the spine as well as muscle work done on the neck region to release the tension in the area.

Absolutely we can! We will take X-rays to specifically where the fusion is and make sure that the bones above and below are adjusted.
I have worked with a number patients that had two or more spinal joints fused by surgery. Since those areas are no longer movable, I treat above or below that area and have good results. Therapies also are helpful in these cases.
Chiropractic is successful with many patients with spinal fusion. Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) are licensed doctors who does diagnosis and either preforms and/or recommends treatment. That includes all areas of the neuromuscular system. The question is what is causing the problem with the area and that requires diagnosis. Diagnosis can't be done without an examination. If the cause is appropriate and responsive to conservative care then Chiropractic care with it's many therapeutic treatments is important and appropriate. Even if the problem has a permanent and/or structural component the treatments may still help, but may not totally eliminate the underlying cause. Don't wait to have the examination, as the sooner the problems is detected and treated the better.
Yes, you should obviously tell the Chiropractor about these fusions so they are able to treat you appropriately. There are many ways that Chiropractors can treat patients with spinal fusions.