Dentist Questions Sore gums

I can feel a certain pressure on my gums. What could it be?

I feel slight pressure on my gums, especially when I brush my teeth in the morning. What could this be from?

3 Answers

This could be gum disease. It could be an abscess. It could be too stiff a brush bristle. You should get this checked out by a dentist.
This could be a systemic gingivitis which is not been adjusted properly as far as medication and curettage by your dentist yet. The routine examination will determine the best course of action by your dentist including x-rays, a thorough oral examination, and charting of pocket depth. Medications may be recommended then you will notice after a few weeks this condition will subside and a picker consistency will appear to your gum tissue instead of red and swollen picture
You may be grinding your teeth at night if you're feeling it in the morning. Either that or inflammation in the gums. You need to see a dentist to evaluate the cause.