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Do I need to see a dentist for pericoronitis?

I am a 39 year old male and I have pericoronitis. Do I need to see a dentist for pericoronitis?

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YES! Periodontitis will not resolve without treatment and will eventually worsen and may lead to tooth loss.
Pericoronitis is inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding the crown of a partially erupted tooth, including the gingiva (gums), this can lead to food impaction underneath the inflamed tissue and ultimately to infection. I recommend rinsing with warm water and salt, keep it clean and if you develop any pain or tightness around the area to see your dentist.
Yes, you should see a dentist to confirm the diagnosis and treat it accordingly.
Yes! Peri-cornitis can lead to more serious infections and massive swelling of the cheek. Seek immediate dental treatment and antibiotics.
Yes, the inflammation may need to be drained and you might need an antibiotic.
Yes. Sometimes just rinsing with warm salt water and keeping the are clean the symptoms go away. However, better to check it by a Dentist because your Doctor may prescribe antibiotics for you.
Sometimes yes, if you need antibiotics, but first use warm salt water rinse 4x daily and brush well. If this doesn't resolve in 48 hrs, see the dentist.
Yes, Pericoronitis is an infection that can lead to the tooth abscessing. At a bare minimum, you call a dentist and be placed on Antibiotics.
Yes, you should.

David M. Garazi, DMD
If you see your dentist regularly, you may have been told that you need your wisdom teeth removed. My husband, Dr. Reiser does braces in our office. While under brace treatment, patients and their parents are told that the brace treatment patient will need their wisdom teeth removed. If your parents have dental insurance, and you are covered under your parents insurance plan, it is wise to have your wisdom teeth removed. Most wisdom teeth will start causing problems around 17 years of age. Your wisdom teeth want to come into your mouth and there is no room. If you have had brace treatment and your teeth look great, wisdom teeth placing forces on all your teeth,upper and lower, can move your teeth into positions that make your teeth hard to clean. Some one told you about PERICORINITIS. Chronic pain every couple of weeks CAN'T be healthy. See your dentist and make arrangements to have your wisdom teeth extracted and get your mouth healthy by doing good home care.
You do need to see the dentist for pericoronitis

Percoronitis is an infection that is associated with a partially erupted tooth. Due to the lack of room in the jaw more often then not, this is the 3rd molars (wisdom teeth). It would be in your best interest to see a dentist regarding pericoronitis. Usually this infection is because food particles or a build up of plaque got stuck underneath the gums around the tooth. The dentist will be able to give you anesthesia which will get rid of the discomfort and enable the dentist to clean out the gums around the tooth. The dentist can also prescribe an antibiotic if needed. All of this makes the recovery from pericoronitis much quicker and easier. Hope this helps.

My best to you!

William F. Scott IV, DMD