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Do I need to clean my dentures every day?

I'm 60 years old, and I just had gotten dentures. I barely know how to take care of them. Do I need to clean them every day?

7 Answers

Yes, you should use denture cleaner to soak your dentures in overnight, everynight.
You should wash them with soap and water at night and let them soak in water overnight. You can buy denture cleanser in the drug store and follow those directions. Check with the doctor that did the dentures.
Dentures can be brushed with a firm brush and a denture cleaning paste. Use a different brush than you used on your teeth. That should have been a soft brush. You should also soak them daily in a disinfecting denture cleaning solution made by dissolving efferdent or polident in warm water. Read and follow the instructions on the box.
Dentures have to be cleaned daily. Having any kind of dental treatment is stressful. Getting a denture for the first time can be overwhelming. Contact your doctor's office. Ask about what
information the office gives to new denture patients. You have to brush the food particles off your dentures. Rinse your dentures and place them in a container with fresh water. If you are using tablets to add to the water, place them in the clean water, soak overnight. Depending on the patient, some patients sleep with their dentures. Your dentures should be be out of your mouth for at least 4 hours a day. You have to clean your mouth and tongue. You can use salt water and gauze, or toothbrush and lightly brush your ridges and tissues. To clean your tongue, you can buy a tongue cleaner. Or take a spoon, turn the spoon so the round part of your spoon faces your palate, go back as far as you can with your spoon so you don't gag. Start in the middle and move the spoon, scraping your spoon out of your mouth. You will find a lot of debris hiding in your tongue's nooks and crannies. Do the two other sides of your tongue. Rinse your mouth with salt water, then gargle. Remember to change your container with fresh water. You can use baking soda in soaking water.
Yes, you need to clean your dentures every day. If you have traditional dentures or dentures with "locators" then you can take these out at night to clean them. If this is not an option then at least take them out a minimum of 1 hour every 24 hours to let your tissues breath. A denture brush can be purchased at any pharmacy such as CVS, WALGREENS, or even WALMART. You can also purchase the denture cleaner at these locations and soak them overnight. Remember you also want to scrape your tongue and brush your gums while the dentures are out to eliminate the buildup of bacteria and yeast under your dentures. If you have implant supported dentures that only come out at your dentist office then make sure and use a waterpik daily after meals to keep the area above the implants and under the denture clean. These also should be brushed but make sure with all types of dentures you are using a non abrasive toothbrush designed for dentures to avoid scraping scratching or staining your new dentures. Good Luck!
Dentures should be taken out and placed in a denture cleaning soak nightly. This allows your gums to heal overnight and eliminates stains and bacteria from your denture