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My mother lost all of her teeth. What can be done?

My mother is 67 years old and she lost all of her teeth. Her dentist told us that she should be fitted for dentures, but my mom feels uncomfortable with the idea. Is this the only option?

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Always other options. Investigate implant retained dentures.
May want to consider Full Arch Implants, and a screw retained bridge that stays in. Probably the best and ideal treatment. I would suggest a consult.
Conventional dentures to start with & then either implant supported dentures or fixed teeth.
Depending on how much bone is left, dental implants may be an alternative to complete dentures. You would need to see an implant surgeon for an evaluation.
Dental Implants could be the answer to you Mother’s Situation.
A clinical consultation is needed first.
To replace all of ones teeth, the two options are full dentures or implants. Implants are much more comfortable and durable. Your mother would have to be evaluated for implants as general health, medications, and bone levels and density are critical to long term success.
She is still very young, and no, the removable dentures are not the only solution. The possibility of implants placement should be discussed with her dentist. There could be implant supported denture or many other restorative options.
First, don't panic if your mother has lost all of her teeth. The dentist also suggested you the right way to have dentures, but if your mom feels uncomfortable, then there are other options also available. You can go with the treatment of dental crown, not the root canal therapy. The reason is very simple. The dental crown is less painful and more comfortable than having root canal procedure. After the dental procedure, it is advised to contact the dentist frequently to avoid further problems.

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Dentures have been around for a very long time and most people adapt to them eventually. She can talk to her dentist about implants that either replace the teeth or can snap dentures in place so they feel more like real teeth.
Either traditional complete dentures or implant supported overdentures or implant retained full arch fixed restorations are the options. Traditional complete dentures are the least expensive quickest and least complex restoration option. Implant retained full arch fixed restorations are the most involved best and more costly of the choices. Which restoration is best for your mother would best be determined by your dentist in a consult. Dr. Grimm
Sorry to hear about your mother's condition. She has several options though. Depending on her overall health, she may be completely restored with permanent teeth. Or a combination of fixed teeth and Overdenture.
Many options.
Can she come in to see me?

Dr. Portale
Since humans are not able to grow another set of permanent teeth,there are no other options but dentures or implant supported bridgework. Dentures would run about $300 to $4000 and implant supported bridgework for the whole mouth would run about $40,000
There are a number of options available to resolve complete loss of teeth. In the ascending order of cost, you will find:
1. Dentures
2. Implant-supported dentures and depending on the number of implants it will affect the cost accordingly, but this type of dentures will stay in better anchored and better functioning
3. Implant-supported hybrid prosthesis, which is basically dentures that have hollowed out spaces to alleviate your tissues for palatability taste and texture of foods
4. Implant-supported Bridge like prosthesis has the highest cost, but provides you with the highest function and aesthetics
Hi there, unfortunately yes, that is the only way. However, with today's technology, your dentist can offer her implant retained dentures, which are screwed into the jaw bone and will not come in and out. They are basically fixed to your jaw bone. The cheapest one will be “all on four” procedure. You will be amazed by the results. Your mom will get her beautiful smile back.

Hi there, unfortunately there are few options that exist aside from dentures once all the teeth have been lost. The methods, however, by which these dentures are secured in your mother's mouth will make the difference between a functional, aesthetic replacement of the teeth and smile and an unusable mess. Implant-supported full dentures (commonly referred to as "all-on-four") have grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years and provide a more stable solution for replacing all the teeth.

Hope this helps!
Dr Rick
The long-term stabilization of essentialist patients has undergone remarkable improvements from just to generation past. The specialty that deals with this occurrence and treatment in later years of aging patients requires a synergy between replacement of dental units missing with Form and Function that support the facial structures under the pressures of chewing called mastication. The specialty is presided over by a prosthodontist.

Assuming that the patient is advanced in years requires thorough diagnosis and the arrival of a treatment plan which is in harmony with budget and the function expected. Nothing can replace natural teeth as efficiently, but implants have done much to stabilize dentures to approximate the most natural replacement of teeth lost and can be easily determined prior to committing to such expense and time both on the part of the patient and the Dr. You can read up on implants as they relate to dentures prior to making your decision, then consult your local listings for a specialist in your area that deals with this problem. There is no reason why your mother cannot learn to cope with replacement of her dentition in this matter. It can even be done in stages to accommodate budgets toward her long-term dental health.

The first stage is to evaluate the supporting structures to make sure there's adequate bone health and stability to accommodate the implants of which there will be several to stabilize the denture. Once the laboratory fabricates the replacement denture, it will have male and female connectors that snap in inorder to stabilize and give the patient comfort in knowing that they can eat as they originally did and be assured the result is aesthetically pleasing and will last a lifetime.

Implants are not covered by insurance at this point in time, but as the Baby Boomers age, I'm sure insurance companies will begin to compensate for these extenuating procedures. The key here is to seek the services of a specialist who's been trained additional years in this unique specialty and do not accept substitute for the most long-lasting result. This is the kind of procedure that once it is started, it needs to be finished for best psychological acceptance that the natural teeth are no longer in place.
Implant supported dentures are the best way to address full mouth tooth loss. Dentures are poorly fitting and do not feel natural. If implants are used with dentures, we are able to get a better fit and can remove the extra acrylic material from the root of the mouth and gums.