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Does acupuncture actually work?

I want to have an acupuncture treatment for my anemia, since my mom said that it can actually help. Does acupuncture actually work?

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Please see
I would suggest both acupuncture and herbal medicine for anemia
Acupuncture assists your body's own natural healing process. The needles stimulate change and the body can then accept a new pattern of functioning.
Yes, it does, but you need to see a good doctor.
Acupuncture does not treat anemia. You will need to do blood test to see what kind of anemia you are experiencing. If lack of iron, then you will need diet change and add supplements. Also, physical activities will help tremendously.
It certainly does. Finding what organ systems aren’t functioning optimally and address underlying deficiencies can resolve many conditions. Anemia included.
Yes, acupuncture can help all types of blood issues but I would also pay close attention to diet and support the body with foods it needs to heal.
Yes, acupuncture works in so many conditions like anxiety. You better try!
Yes, in this case, we would look to strengthen the organs responsible for absorption of food, to increase the quality of your blood directly, as well as activating points that are indicated for strengthening blood quality and quantity in the body.
Good afternoon,

According to the medical evidence and documentation, acupuncture does really work for anemia, but make sure you talk to your practitioner first.

Thank you for your question. Acupuncture can help with balancing the body functions, which would help with anemia. But, at first, we need to know what cause your anemia. Is it because of heavy periods, from not enough iron intake, etc. Then we will have treatment plans depend on your condition. Including acupuncture treatments and dietary suggestions.
I have not heard of or seen any acupuncture treatments that address anemia. Having said that, it does not mean they don't exist. You might try calling around your area and seeing if any practitioners near you have experience and success with treating it. They may well at least have food ideas and herbal formulas that can help you.

Good luck!
Yes. Please go to the acupuncture clinic to find out what causes your anemia. The acupuncturist may combine acupuncture and herbs for your anemia based on the Chinese medicine diagnosis.
It does. Most acupuncturists will use a technique called moxibustion to help strengthen your blood and alleviate your symptoms. Some may also incorporate herbal medicine in the form of a capsule, or a powder that you drink as a tea.

Keep in mind that you are at a higher risk of bruising from the needles due to your anemia. Be sure to tell your acupuncturist if you have any severe bruising from needling, and I recommend keeping Arnica gel at home. This is an over the counter remedy that can be found at most drug stores and is very effective in treating bruises.
Most definitely, you should have a consultation for more information.
Yes, it works by increasing hemoglobin's level in the blood to directly treat anemia.
Yes it does, for a wide variety of issues, but it is a part of the realm of Chinese medicine and is not the only tool in their profession. For cases like anemia, you may also need some dietary suggestions and/or herbal treatments.

Have fun and enjoy.
Yes but it would greatly benefit with herbal formulas, the right recommendations for food therapy to increase the red blood cell count as well. But, it is good to know before hand what kind of anemia it is. Whether it’s pernicious anemia or iron deficiency anemia. That way, the Acupuncturist has a better idea of how to treat and what herbs to use to help.
Acupuncture modulates neurotransmitters in the brain which reset the chemicals and sleep cycle. It regulates the mind but not interferes with the brain as Rx does. Therefore, no dependency on acupuncture for any illness. It will take 2-6 visits depending on your case.
Acupuncture definitely works; however, if you're anemic you need food, supplements and herbs to restore your blood, as acupuncture cannot provide your body with nutrients that are missing.
In your case it should be acupuncture and herbal formulas
Yes. New scientific evidence shows that acupuncture has the ability to benefit iron levels in the blood.
This is a good question. There are a couple of things here:

1. A single acupuncture treatment is unlikely to help a patient with any condition. Sometimes we're able to hit the nail on the head straight out of the gate and correct an issue with a single treatment. Most of the time you're looking at more like 5-7 treatments with incremental gains after each one. With a condition like anemia, there's no way to know what's happening after a single treatment. Red blood cells have, roughly, a 90 day lifespan and it takes time for your body to manufacture more.

2. A great deal is going to depend on why you have anemia. There are several different models from the perspective of conventional medicine for why a person might be anemic. I'd suggest you start with your primary care physician, have some blood tests run and see if you can figure out what's the root cause. It could be something relatively simple like a B12 or iron deficiency in your diet or it could be something more troubling like a bone marrow issue. It will help you make a more informed decision as to treatment options if you have some good ideas as to why you're experiencing the problem. Knowing where the issue is from a biomedical standpoint will also help your acupuncturist figure out how they're going to treat the problem.

To answer your more general question: yes, acupuncture actually works. We've had lots of excellent studies in the last 10 years or so which tell us:

1. Acupuncture is dose dependent - this means, to a point, more treatments yield better results.

2. Acupuncture is not placebo.

3. When compared head to head against pharmaceuticals for the same condition, acupuncture is usually at least as effective as the drug.

All this being said, for the best results please make sure you're seeing someone who graduated from a Chinese medical school and is licensed as an acupuncturist in your state.