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Does acupuncture work for anti-aging?

I am a 37 year old female. I want to know does acupuncture work for anti-aging?

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Yes, acupuncture has healing and rejuvenating function, resulting anti-aging effects
Yes, facial acupuncture works very well.
There are practitioners who have learned micro needling and electric stim for "face lifts," but otherwise, we just help you stay healthy which is the best way to stave off the declines of aging.
I believe acupuncture can help you for balance your endocrine system which is balance our hormone. By doing so your skin tone will be nicer by balance your estrogen. You will look much beautiful.

Jonathan Fang
Of course it is possible. Anti-aging methods with acupuncture include improving the face-related organs, and preventing the skin from sagging by performing acupuncture on the related acupoints of the directly associated face.
Yes, for a few reasons. Research has proven that there is an increase in collagen production at needle injection sites, so this would have an anti-aging effect on the areas that have been needled. Aside from this Acupuncture regulates hormones that may be out of balance, causing more emotional and/or oxidative stress on the body, as well as the visible side effects of stress. It also improves circulation and deliverance of vitamins and other nutrients to the body's tissues, maintaining a level a hydration and nourishment that may otherwise be strained.
Hi! I am going to assume this question is in regard to cosmetic anti-aging?
I am a specialist and educator in Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
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Acupuncture works for anti-aging, or more accurately - to improve the
appearance and reduce signs of aging, like wrinkles, dullness and lack of
vibrance in the face and body; in a variety of ways. I call this the 4
Pillars of Holistic Anti-Aging Skincare.

#1: It helps stimulate Fibroblasts in the Connective Tissue: This action
is what triggers the production of collagen and elastin. By needling the
skin the body experiences a 'micro' trauma, and the reply to that is the
activation of fibroblasts to repair the 'damage' which is done with
elastin, collagen and other substances which are also the components of
youthful looking skin. In this respect we can 'spot treat' certain
wrinkles to direct this function which helps soften and decrease the
appearance of wrinkles.

#2: It stimulates and relaxes muscles in the face: We have a lot of
muscles in the face and as we age they contribute to undesirable features
in 2 ways: by being too contracted or being too relaxed. Too much
contraction creates wrinkles, and these muscles need to be relaxed, this is
what Botox does, but acupuncture has a real strong point in relaxing
muscles, this is also why it helps relieve pain in the body so well.
Muscles that are too relaxed become this way with age, we lose muscle mass
and tone and this contributes to sagging appearance, like droopy eyelids or
under the chin skin. Acupuncture can help trigger the relaxed muscles to
re-engage thus lifting the skin with it.

#3: It doesn't cause harm: Acupuncture is a minimally invasive treatment
that really can't be 'overdone' there is no risk in looking weird after a
cosmetic acupuncture session, and the treatment itself doesn't damage the
skin. Some treatments that are done medically, like laser resurfacing, IPL
and chemical peels actually damage the skin over time - doing so breaks
down the connectivity in the skin layers and will cause crepey wrinkles
later on, acupuncture and needling in general do not pose this risk

#4: It treat the Whole Person: This is the most important piece, because
what's happening in our body-mind-spirit shows up on our face. If
digestion, sleep, stress, pain, underlying disease are at play, we won't
see good results no matter what we do - but acupuncture helps to
simultaneously treat these underlying causes of poor skin health and
appearance. By treating the whole person we also integrate the spirit into
the body - in Chinese medicine this is a crucial component of beauty
because our spirit shows up through the eyes. An acupuncture treatment has
also been shown to shift brainwave patterns which contributes to increased
telomere lifespan - telomeres are responsible for cell integrity and death
- when they break down the cell dies. This function on telomeres also
contributes to general anti-aging and cognitive awareness and is why
acupuncture can be a helpful treatment in stroke rehab and dementia.

Hope that helps!
Dr Kim Peirano, DACM LAc
I had a patient come in who honestly looked to be in her 60’s...problem was she was in her 30’s! After her first facial aesthetic acupuncture treatment, her own sister thought she’d had Botox! The effects were astounding! So, yes! It can work! Be ready for fine needles in your face! Also, try face yoga for added effects!
Many acupuncturists, myself included, offer facial rejuvenation treatments to help fight against aging.
Acupuncture can help keep the entire body in balance and thus prevent disease. It is also good for facial and neck rejuvenation by naturally increasing blood flow and collagen production. Another very effective facial rejuvenation method is through facial cupping.
Yes, acupuncture helps with anti-aging by improving blood circulation and metabolism in the organs and joints.
Hello and thank you for your question! Facial, or Cosmetic Acupuncture, increases blood and nutrient circulation to an area and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thereby reducing redness and inflammation, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and reducing any facial tension. You will likely receive body acupuncture points (or constitutional points) in order to improve overall health and well-being, which will also enhance the effects of facial acupuncture.
Acupuncture can help with anti-aging. We should say slow down the aging process.
There really is no such thing as "anti-aging" we cannot actually prevent ourselves from getting older. Cells go through the process of birth, growth, decline, etc as do all living things.

So, what I think you're asking is can acupuncture keep me looking young. To that, I would say, it can in certain ways. It can help you feel more relaxed and hopeful, it can help you become less tired in your life and it can help reduce stress in your life, which leads to body wear and tear.

However, it does not do it on it's own. You must also learn how stress factors affect you, how sleep and eating habits affect you, how your relationships (current and past) affect you and how to deal with life on a day-to-day basis.

Health care is not a one-dimensional factor, acupuncture and Chinese medicine helps with the dimensions of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual in many ways. You would need to find a good practitioner who is well trained and a Licensed Acupuncturist (not a chiropractor, MD or PC who "also does needling"). They should be able to talk with you deeply about your life and health and guide you towards your goals.

But remember that there is wisdom in age that is stable with time and youth is fleeting, so we all need to become content with who we are growing to become and worry less about matters of what we were.

Good luck with you on your journey.
Hello! Yes, it can! With a combination of herbal supplements, diet, and exercise.
Yes, the principle of acupuncture is to regular bleed flow locally and distally.
Yes, acupuncture works for it through tiny needles on the face. It also makes skin bright and rejuvenate.
Yes, it does! It can make a person slim and younger.
Yes. For this though, you want to make sure you are seeing an acupuncturist who specializes in skin care and facial rejuvenation techniques.
Yes, it does.

Be well, be confident, we can help.
A lot depends on what you mean by "anti-aging".

There are providers who focus on things like cosmetic or facial acupuncture. These folks are very good at helping with skin elasticity and reducing or eliminating lines and wrinkles.

Acupuncture can be an excellent choice for managing the various joint aches and pains which sometimes accompany the aging process.

In general though, Chinese medicine focuses more on helping a person harmonize with their current life stage rather than trying to turn the clock back.