Ophthalmologist Questions Dry Eye

Could my dry eyes be due to excessive exposure to the computer screen?

I am suffering from dry eyes. I have a job which requires me to be in front of the computer for almost 8 hours a day. Could this dryness in my eyes be due to this computer exposure? What I should do?

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Yes computer may cause dry eye because of lack of blinking. Make sure to follow the 20 rules. Every 20 minutes work computer, take your eyes off the computer and look at 20 feet for 20 seconds. Place an over the counter lubricant eye drops next to your compute rand use it when you feel the burning or dryness.
Yes, the dryness is likely from your tears evaporating during long time computer use. You should place a tear drop in eyes prior to computers. And if doing for a long time, you could take a five minute break closing your eyes for every half hour of computers. Normally, we blink about 20 times a minute to lubricate the eyes, but when concentrating at the computer, the blink reflex decreases to about 12 times.
Yes and no. The computer and its screen are not what causes the dryness. When our minds are concentrating on reading and processing the information from the screen, our blink rate naturally drops. This way, your eyes are blinking less causing more dryness. That's the long, yet short answer of it. Try to train yourself to look away from the computer often and take short breaks. That usually helps.
Yes. Extensive computer use causes dry eyes
Yes, excessive use of computer screens can cause dry eyes. Even though you don't consciously perceive it, the computer screens are flashing on and off at a very high rate. It is believed that your brain misinterprets this flash to assume your eyes blinked. Blinking is how we move tears over the eyes and keep the surface moisturized. As a consequence, your natural blinking rate is diminished, allowing your eyes to dry out.
Symptoms of dry eye are very common in people who have extended sessions at a computer terminal. The first step in believing your symptoms is the use of over-the-counter moisturizing drops. Some examples include Refresh or Systane drops, but quite often, the store brand of the lubricants is equally effective. Adjusting the height of your monitor to weigh more natural Laura I position is quite helpful. In addition, reducing the illumination of the screen and contrast is also of benefit.
It may be, since most people do not blink as much when using a computer. I recommend you use preservative-free ophthalmic lubricating drops no less often than once every 2 hours while at the computer. Your symptoms should improve significantly within 2-3 weeks of doing this, at which time you can decrease frequency of using the drops as tolerated.
Using a computer for prolonged periods will cause your blinking rate to slow down and thus your eye is more prone to drying out. Thus, it is best to be proactive and put lubricaring drops in your eyes several times a day, especially before and during computer use.
Yes, it is most likely caused by computer exposure. This is called CVS, Computer Vision Stare syndrome. You should use a non-preserved artificial tear (they come in vials) at least four times a day. Try to remember to blink. You can buy a desktop humidifier. Also, you can purchase a 3M privacy screen which helps to decrease the glare from the screen. I would also consider seeing an eye care professional to evaluate your dry eye and optimize any medical conditions you may have that may be contributing to your dry eye. Of course you could work less on the computer, but this may not be an option or luxury at your disposal.

Sorry, I just had to put an eyedrop in my eyes from staring at the computer too long typing this answer for you.

Good Luck!
Most likely your eyes are very dry.

Symptoms of Dry Eyes:
- Stinging, burning, scratchiness sensation in your eyes
- Overflow of tearing
- Feeling of that something is in the eye
- Blurred vision, usually worsening at the end of the day
- Stringy mucus in or around your eyes
- Eye fatigue after short periods of reading
- Difficulty in wearing contact lenses

Especially when you are staring at your computer screen for long hours, you are probably very concentrated in what you are doing and thus amplifying the problem by forgetting to blink. Remind yourself to blink while you are on your computer or while using your cell phone to text or surf the internet.

You can also go to the nearby drugstore to purchase preservative-free artificial tears. There are several brands on the market that are available without prescription. Many people try different brands to find one that they like the best. Preservative-free does not have preservatives, so try to use up each vial within one day. If you do not open the vial, it can keep for a long time.

In some instances where the dry eyes are more severe, your ophthalmologist may perform a procedure where the channels to your tear duct are closed temporarily or permanently to create a reservoir of tears. This procedure takes less than 1 minute and is minimal discomfort. They may also prescribe Restasis which is only available through prescription.
Yes. Dryness, allergens, and over strain all occur. Regular rest for the eyes and liberal artificial tears will help, but does not cure.