Cardiologist Questions E-Cigarettes

Do e-cigarettes reduce the risk of heart attacks?

I know that smoking can put one at a high risk of health conditions like heart attacks and lung cancer. Do e-cigarettes help? Should I use them to help me quit?

5 Answers

E-cigarettes are bad too. Please figure out what works for you, hypnotism, Chantix, cold turkey, patches or e-cigarettes, but PLEASE stop tobacco use. Congratulations on taking the first step. All the best, not easy, but you can do it.
Don’t use
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They can help you to quit smoking but it is not going to reduce your risk of a heart attack.
Thanks for your question.
Smoking E-cigarettes may have less impact on developing hypertensive heart disease and its exacerbation. This is due to the absence of the paper component in E-cigarettes. However, there is no evidence that E-cigarettes are less harmful to human health in any form.
We don’t have enough information long-term to know if they cause throat or lung cancer or coronary artery disease