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I just had a hernia surgery on my left side, it's been three weeks and 4 days now. I tried having sex two days back, it was going well as I was very gentle, I stayed on top and there was no pain, but suddenly I got scared and stopped. I fear ejaculation may cause an issue, please, is ejaculation an issue after hernia surgery? Plus my left groin still feels numb but not painful.

Male | 29 years old
Complaint duration: 14/05/2018
Medications: Still on drugs
Conditions: Just had a hernia surgery 3weeks four days ago

12 Answers

Ejaculation is not an issue. You are 4 weeks into the healing process and you should be OK.
the numbness is probably normal around the incision, and ejaculation will not cause any issues, it usually takes 6 weeks for full recovery after surgery
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If I was your doctor, I would have told you no sex for at least 6 weeks or not until I saw you again for a check-up. You may want to call your doctor and ask him what he thinks.
It is not uncommon to have abdominal pain and scrotal pain after surgery. Ejaculation is usually not an issue unless both sides were fixed at the same time. It should not hurt to ejaculate either. The abdominal pain may be related to muscle spasms and the scrotal pain is from the healing process after surgery. You can always test it out yourself before having sex just to make sure.
No it should not be, just be careful and perhaps would be better if you take a couple of weeks before attempting to have a normal intercourse.
It is okay to have sex after hernia surgery
No ejaculation is not effected , some people do experience pain for weeks but should improve over time
Ejaculation is not an issue at all. Numbness is normal. Preferably stay underneath and let her do all the grunting and heaving. In any case you are going to be fine.
Ejaculation shouldn't affect this. But still be very gentle as 3 weeks is early. No heavy activity for 6 weeks.
You should not be fearful. If not uncomfortable, you may resume sex including orgasm without worry. Numbness is not uncommon and usually resolves although may take weeks to months.
If it does not hurt, it is OK, it takes 6 weeks for the scar tissue to be half as strong as it will be forever. Ejaculation will not affect healing and numbness is normal up to 6 months
Sexual function should not be affected by hernia surgery. Your activity should be limited by pain. If an activity, whether it be sexual intercourse or jogging or lifting, hurts, then you should avoid it until your pain goes away. Difficulties with ejaculation is not a side effect or complication of hernia surgery.

Numbness around the incision and sometimes around the inner thigh or scrotum is typical. That loss of sensation improves in most, but not all, people.
Give a little more time before any activity performed. Things should get gradually settled. Depends on what type of surgery you had; normally, after laparoscopic repair such problems don’t occur. If you feel any worse, you should see your surgeon.