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Why do I feel no urge to have sex?

I am 35 years old and have lost complete interest and the urge to have sex with my husband. It's boggling because I'm still attractive to him. What should I do? Why is this...

Why am I never in a mood for sex?

I have been married to my wife for the past 10 years, and lately I haven't been interested in sex. It's not because I'm not attracted to her--I am, but I've been having issues...

Can you get a UTI from sexual intercourse?

My wife recently had a urinary tract infection. Is it possible that I could get it from sexual intercourse?

I need sex everyday but my husband doesn’t feel the need. What's wrong with me?

I want to have sex everyday but my husband doesn’t feel the same need. I feel like he's just not into me any more, and it's making me feel really self-conscious. Do you think...

Is my premature ejaculation a result of my high BP?

I have a very serious high blood pressure problem, and have recently started to take medication. But now I'm ejaculating prematurely while having sex. Could this be related?...

Is it safe to have oral sex during pregnancy?

I am 3 months pregnant and I would like to know if there are any risks involved with oral sex during my pregnancy?

Is a vaginal infection contagious?

I have been diagnosed with a vaginal yeast infection and I'm currently on treatment for it. Can this infection spread to my husband through sex?

I think masturbation is ruining my relationship. What do I do?

Lately I haven't felt sexually attracted to my girlfriend, but I am still interested in frequently masturbating. I don't know where this is coming from or why I don't feel attracted...

Sex and surgery

How long after surgery can I have sex?

regarding transmission of disease

If a normal man has intercourse with a woman suffering from MD, then is there any chance of transmission of disease?

Sex, libido, and autism

Is there any way to lower a 24 yr old male's libido who has autism and doesn’t understand a relationship, but has sexual desires?

My husband needs to have sex everyday. Is it a normal thing for men?

My husband is 39 years old and needs to have sex almost everyday. For me, this is starting to get too much. Is this normal?


I just had a hernia surgery on my left side, it's been three weeks and 4 days now. I tried having sex two days back, it was going well as I was very gentle, I stayed on top and...

My wife has no urge for sex. What should we do?

My wife has no sexual urges. We've been married for years, but the last couple of months, we've been having issues and she hasn't been in the "mood" to have any sex, whatsoever....

Does sex after surgery carry any risks?

My husband recently underwent a surgery for hernia. How long should we wait to have sex?

Is 4th generation HIV test 100% reliable after one year of possible exposure?

No symptoms; only anxiety, was tested negative after one year from brief vagina touching, no other exposure after that. Should I still worry?

My husband has not been able to perform for 6 years, his balls are very blue. What can be done?

I'm worried, he is miserable and so am I. He won't seek medical advice.

Is excess sex drive a mental health problem?

I have a very high sex drive. Even after sex I feel extremely dissatisfied, and it led to the downfall of my last relationship. Is it a mental problem that I have? What can...

How is chlamydia usually treated?

I have been diagnosed with a chlamydia infection. The doctor said it's minor and put me on antibiotics. Is there anything else can I do to promote good health during this treatment...

my Girl she's into sex extremely

Is their a medicine that she could take to be cured out of Nimphomenia please do let me know coz I can't put her into rehabilitation center !

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