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Do you have to be married for couples therapy?

My boyfriend and I aren't married, but we're both considering couple therapy or counseling to work on our relationship. But we haven't heard of any non-married couples going to...

How successful is marriage counseling?

My husband and I have been at each other's throats, and at times, I just want to call it quits. But I love him, and I still want to try and make it work. The reason why we argue...

How would I know if I'm allergic to spermicide?

My boyfriend and I just started to use condoms that have spermicide on them. I've never had issues with condoms before, but with these, I've been experiencing itchiness and irritation...

How effective is marriage counseling?

My husband and I have been experiencing some serious problems, and I want to try marriage counseling to save our marriage from falling apart. But does it really work?

What is the treatment for sex addiction?

My wife is addicted to sex and keeps wanting to have sex everyday. I recently read an article that said that this behavior could indicate a psychological problem. Should I take...

Is it safe to have sex in the 7th month of pregnancy?

I am in the 7th month of my pregnancy, and I want to be a little more intimate with my husband. Is having sexual intercourse in this period of pregnancy safe?

I have severe pain after sex in my vaginal bone area. Why?

Every time me and my husband have sex, I have severe pain around my pelvic bone area. What could this be due to?

Is it safe to have sex in the 8th month of pregnancy?

I am in the 8th month of pregnancy and would like to know if sex is safe at this point? Will it hurt the baby?

How do you predict when to have sex if you have PCOD?

If my girlfriend and I want to have unprotected sex but she has PCOD, how do we know if she is ovulating or not?

Can masturbation lead to loss of energy?

If I masterbate every day, will my energy decrease it? is it diffrent from girls vs guys?

My wife is disinterested in sex. What should I do?

My wife is extremely disinterested in sex. This has never really happened before, we used to have a relationship where we regularly were intimate. Why has this changed? We don't...

Is it safe to have sex after open heart surgery?

My 62 year old husband recently underwent open heart surgery about 2 weeks ago. When is it safe for us to resume our sex life?

What can cause redness and itching around my vagina?

I am having redness and itching in my vaginal area. What could cause this?

Is it safe to use soap to clean my vagina?

I usually clean my vagina with soap. Is it safe? Does it dry out the vagina?

Why does my vagina feel sore and heavy after sex?

After I have sex, my vagina becomes sore and feels heavy. What could cause this?

Are sexual lubricant gels safe?

I have been using lubricating gels while having sex. Is this safe?

My daughter threw around the term "demisexual" the other day. What does this mean?

I'm aware of the different sexualities that our children identify themselves as. But I heard my daughter refer to herself as "demisexual" with her friends, and I haven't really...

Why do I feel no urge to have sex?

I am 35 years old and have lost complete interest and the urge to have sex with my husband. It's boggling because I'm still attractive to him. What should I do? Why is this...

Why am I never in a mood for sex?

I have been married to my wife for the past 10 years, and lately I haven't been interested in sex. It's not because I'm not attracted to her--I am, but I've been having issues...

Can you get a UTI from sexual intercourse?

My wife recently had a urinary tract infection. Is it possible that I could get it from sexual intercourse?

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