Oncologist Questions Lumps

Found a lump underneath my armpit and experiencing fatigue and joint pain. Should I get screened?

Around 5 months ago, I suffered from a severe bout of flu which caused terrible weakness in my body. My platelets also dropped drastically and I have a vitamin D deficiency. Today, although I have recovered from the illness a while back I also still feel terribly weak and fatigued, and when I was showering, I found a lump just underneath my armpit. I'm worried, should I get this screened for cancer?

3 Answers

My suggestion would be to find a good general internist and get a good comprehensive history and physical exam. The finding in your axilla may either be benign or could be serious, but an expert should examine you and make a recommendation.
Definitely. It may just be an enlarged lymph node especially if you got your flu shot in that arm, but if it persists it needs to be checked out.
Yes. You should see your primary doctor to be examined. It might be reactive from the flu or you could need imaging and/ or a biopsy.