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I have a small growth around my ankle. Could it be serious?

I have a small growth around my ankle. It doesn’t hurt but I cant move it. It feels soft and smooth. Could it be harmful?

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Yes, there is a chance this can be serious. This will progress if left untreated.
Unless examined you can not be sure but most probably it seems like fatty tumor that is usually non cancer. You should get it checked with your doctor.
Yes it could be serious. Is it soft or is it hard like bone. Either way you should get it checked.
You should see and foot and ankle specialist ASAP
Unfortunately, it is impossible to give you an optimal answer without seeing the growth and examining you. BUT -- if the lesion is NEW and seems to be getting larger, then the odds of it being something more serious is INCREASED. Therefore, I would advise you to have your primary MD examine you, or go to a dermatologist and have a real expert examine you in order to be 100% CERTAIN it is nothing serious.
Yes, it can be harmful. It can be soft tissue benign or a malignant tumor. Please visit a foot and ankle surgeon for your ankle examination and proper treatment.
Any recently noticed mass can be harmful. Many masses of the foot and ankle are benign in nature, but there is no way of knowing for sure without an evaluation. I recommend you have it evaluated by a specialist to rule out malignancy.
It could be a ganglion cyst, which is a small pocked of fluid with the consistency of jelly, often from a joint irritation. It can also by a lipoma, which is a fat and fluid filled mass. Both are benign, but should be checked by your doc to make sure.
There is always a chance for a malignancy. I would have a doctor take a look.
First, I would tell you to see your primary doctor; second, if it's new it needs to be removed from the way you are describing it: it may be what's called a lipoma (fatty tissue). But please consult with your primary care physician and possibly dermatologist.
This is something that is best evaluated by a professional. It is likely not harmful but shouldn’t be ignored.
It is impossible to diagnose something like this without seeing it. You should get it checked out by a Podiatrist ASAP. It is very uncommon to have a malignancy in the foot or ankle, but it can happen. Better to be safe than sorry
I recommend excision and biopsy of the growth because until a pathologist sees the specimen under the microscope, you can never with 100% certainty r/o a malignancy.
Any type of a growth should be evaluated, especially if it is new or has changed recently. I recommend you schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle specialist (podiatrist) so it can be examined and a proper work up be performed