Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

I've been experiencing weird hip pain for 2 days. Could it be due to weight gain?

I've been experiencing weird hip pain for the past two days, and this is after that I gained a lot of weight. Could this pain be due to that?

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Not suddenly. Please see your chiropractor.
Most of the time it could but a lot of the time after gaining weight there would be an even distribution of weight on both feet I would suggest you would see a chiropractor and get evaluated and see if orthopedic orthotic can help you with that pain I would suggest to get evaluated first and it could solve many problems right after start
Increased weight gain can put more stress on your hip joint and cause inflammation in the form of tendonitis or bursitis. It can also be caused by lower back issues.
Could be, have an X-ray to be sure
The hips are the most weight-bearing bones in our bodies. Excess weight can cause more work for the hips and cause them to be painful.

Being overweight increases a multitude of health hazards including increased pressure and wear and tear on the joints, however, there are many other factors that are more likely than just gaining weight. I find that most hip pain is caused by malrotation or misalignment of the pelvis, which can increase stress to the hips and back, and makes an unstable foundation for the spine. This can cause extra stress on the joints and can make them wear out faster than they should, and can pinch or irritate the nerves going to the hips. Your chiropractor can perform an examination to see if this is why you are experiencing hip pain and can gently correct the misalignments so that you can quickly feel better. Exercises are also very important once the structure has been corrected.

Good luck and have a healthy day!

Dr. Steven Moon
Yes, it can be due to weight gain over the long term. Likely you may have strained a hip muscle or simply tightened it with some activity you did. Sudden pain like that could be from something done previous to the pain. Use heat for muscles and stretch out the hips. Get it evaluated if it persists for a week or so.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP
Weight gain will cause core muscles to fatigue, thus altering pelvic alignment. Doing planks and other core stabilizer muscles form You tube videos may help. If over 2 weeks, consult chiropractor that can do sacro-iliac maneuvers to fix, and offer nutritional advice. Weight gain can also be a cause of inflammation, thyroid or pancreatic issues. Get your blood checked and an ANA blood panel to be sure.
Weight gain is a common problem with hip pain. Every pound of weight gain yields 8lbs of pressure on the joints.
Yes. Adds stress to the joints. Look into ShapeReClaimed.
Yes, but there could be many other problems. Some possible causes would be tendinitis and arthritis of the hip.
Weight gain can add stress to your hips and knees, but usually that pain comes on a little more gradual and it's not the weight causing pain, it is the damage to the joint from the weight causing the pain. Hip pain can come from a variety of reasons including arthritis, capsular issues and muscular strains or sprains. Try stretching the hip, ice and ibuprofen if you can take it. If the pain persists for more than a week, you should consult a physician that specializes in joint issues such as a chiropractor, physiatrist, or an orthopedic.

Take care and be well.
Yes, weight gain is hard on the entire body and especially on the joints of the hips and knees and low back.
Yes - because the hip is a large weight-bearing joint. Increased weight places additional pressure on the cartilage within the hip socket.
There could be many underlying reasons for your hip pain. I would advise scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor.
It certainly could be due to excess weight over a prolonged period of time. Getting back to a healthy weight is key, and if you can consult with a chiropractor in your area, he/she can rule out any misalignments, strains, sprains, etc.