Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

What are the possible causes of hip pain?

I am suffering from hip pain that extends up to my thighs. It's only been happening for a couple of days. Can you please suggest the possible cause of this hip pain?

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There are many things that can cause hip symptoms. They range from a simple mechanical misalignment in the pelvis and/or hip, to things like hip displasia or avascular necrosis. Without knowing anything about you, there is no way I can rightfully give you any advice other than to seek a chiropractor who can examine you.
You may have pelvic instability which is causing your pain. I recommend seeking a chiropractor who utilizes SOT in their treatments.
Muscle imbalances, biomechanical changes, sprain/strain, labral tear, referred pain from organ/other soft tissue, muscle/soft tissue adhesions, there may be other things going on as well. An evaluation and possible imaging is recommended for best diagnosis and treatment.
There are many causes of hip pain trauma repetitive movements heavy lifting leg length difference poor posture chiropractor can help with spinal adjustment and giving specific hip exercises.
Thank you for your question.
Hip pain can result from a variety of sources including the knee, pelvis, low back, muscle imbalances, and walking biomechanics. To find the source of your pain, it is advised to visit a chiropractor to receive an examination and get the best treatment for your problem. If you do not have a chiropractor, here is a list of evidence-based chiropractors around the world.!map
Could be arthritis or even nerve related pain. A set of x-rays and chiropractic analysis would help you pinpoint the cause.
It could be a pinched nerve in your spine, arthritis in the hip, bursitis, sacral iliac or piriformis problems. If it persists then you may see a chiropractor for help. I would try yoga as well.
There are many causes of hip pain. An exam by your local chiropractor should determine your specific cause, and on most cases they can easily help with pain relief quickly and prescribe exercises that will prevent future pain.
Many reasons, from muscle to joint. An X-ray would be in order to see!
It could be multiple reasons, one is Sacroilliac joint dysfunction, lumbar nerve irritation, or proper hip joint dysfunction. An in-office exam needs to be performed by your competent chiropractic doctor in order to differentiate, diagnose, and treat the syndrome.
A number of conditions could possibly be causing the hip pain. I would suggest seeing a healthcare provider. They can do a history, examination and possibly take some X-rays of the hip or hips and/or even an MRI to determine the probable cause of the pain. It is important to know how old you are, what activity you were doing at the time, and if you have a family history of hip pain.
Hip pain can be caused by a number of reasons. In a young, healthy individual, it’s usually due to repetitive overuse. In this case, rest and ice will help. In people in their 40’s and up, it could be the start of arthritis.
"Extending UP" is an unusual description to start with. Is it lateral or medial? Is it accompanied by paresthesia? What have you done "in the past couple of days" that may have brought it on, i.e., high impact exercise, stairs, jogging etc.? Is it worse at night? Is it only while standing, sitting, walking? Right or left? Are the feet cold? It could be nerve related from the lumbar region, compression in FAJ, muscle strain, or a blockage in the artery/vein (although rare).
Hip pain can be caused by pelvic unleveling and by herniated discs in the low back

Dr Leonard
Without an exam, it's impossible to answer, but sciatica, spastic muscles, bursitis, and tendonitis are some possibilities, just to name a few.