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Why are my eyes so sensitive to bright light?

Whenever I go outside in the sun or am in a bright room, my eyes get extremely sensitive and it is very hard to see. Is this a problem? What can I do to make my eyes less sensitive?

5 Answers

Many, many different conditions can be the cause of light sensitivity. An eye exam is a must.
Blue eyes are particularly sensitive to bright light. Also eyes that are dry. You should see an Eye MD
Some people are more sensitive to sunlight than others. Just as some peoples skin is more sensitive to others. This worsens with age. This is generally normal, but there are some abnormal conditions that can cause this as well. You may want to try good UV blocking polarized sunglasses outside, and consider having a comprehensive eye exam.
One of the most common reasons for having light sensitivity is dry eye. Make sure to treat the dry eye. There are the other reasons such as having migraine, having inflammation in the eye, scattering of the light due to cataract.
You may be having cataracts or opacities in your field of vision. See your doctor.