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I'm pregnant, and I feel like I'm gaining a lot of weight. Is there anything I can do?

I'm putting on a lot more weight than I should. Even my OB-GYN said so during one of my check-ups. I thought it came naturally with pregnancy, but I just feel like my self-esteem is really taking a hit because of the excess weight I'm gaining. Is there anything I can do to prevent it?

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As long as the cause of the weight gain is not preeclampsia, don't worry about it. Just diet and exercise after the delivery.
You need to exercise a lot. At least 30 minutes of Cardio daily. Avoid excess carbs & perhaps go for a gluten-free diet. Also, make sure that you don’t have Gestational Diabetes. And perhaps ask your doctor to check your HbA1c to ensure that your baby is not too big.

G. Shabib, MD

I hear you loud and clear and understand it can sometimes be scary to see your body change almost daily before your eyes. I think one of the best ways of getting a handle on weight gain is to first start logging her daily intake. Make sure he right down everything you eat for each day and at the end of the day calculate the calories and see if you are consuming more than you really should. Chances are that if you are gaining more weight than her OB/GYN want you to then you're probably consuming more calories than he really need. Remember that the excess calories can only be converted to fat which make it difficult to lose that pregnancy weight after delivery. I wish her the best of luck in pregnancy and good health.


Mark W. Sawka, M.D.
Depending on your BMI (body mass index), you may need to gain a certain amount of weight. I recommend talking to your OB physician about your weight gain before discussing any other plans.

Dear soon to be mom,

Weight gain is common, but excessive weight gain should be avoided due to the increased complications associated with obesity. A well-balanced diet, mild to moderate exercise, and plenty of water is so important for you and your baby. Try to eat more vegetables and fiber, which can give you a full feeling sooner on less calories. Increasing water intake can also decrease your hungry and is so important as your body builds the intravascular volume. Try to limit your sweets...maybe once a week, as a celebration for another week closer to meeting your little one. Pregnancy is a difficult time, but a little encouragement can go a long way.

Good luck!