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I am getting frequent ankle swelling. Can it be cured?

I am a 18 year old girl and I am suffering from frequent swelling in my ankles post a running or workout session. What could be the reason for this. Can it be cured?

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The most common cause of ankle swelling is Venus insufficiency but this is unusual and someone who is only 18. I would go to see a playa tryst or an orthopod to have your ankles evaluated.
Swelling after activity in the ankles can have many causes. One of the most common is the tendons and ligaments in the ankles being overworked with activity. It is important to stretch the tendons before the run. I would also recommend a good arch support to help to realign the ankles and to ensure that individual tendons and ligaments are not being placed under too much stress. If your foot is not functioning 100% properly, this is going to make the ankles have to work harder which leads to swelling
Hello! Sorry to hear that you are going through this. It could be as a result of weak ankle tendons as well as excessive joint mobility in the foot. I recommend a full biomechanical exam by a podiatrist to see if you need to be wearing a brace or inserts for a short period of time to correct the underlying biomechanical imbalance of the joints and/or tendons. Hope that helps. It is definitely fixable

Thank you for your question. It really depends on where the swelling is and what gear you are running in. It seems that it has to do with the veins in your ankle and I would recommend a study from your cardiologist before wearing compression socks during your run. If this is truly exercise induced, then wearing compression will help a lot and it shouldn’t return.

Dr. Patel
There are many reasons that swelling can occur in her ankles. I would recommend evaluation as some possibilities could be stress fracture or problems with the veins in your legs.
Definitely sounds like a problem you should not be having, especially at 18 years old. I would first see the primary care doctor. Then I would see a podiatrist next.
There could be some systemic condition or disease causing this and affecting the soft tissue or bones of your ankle joints.
Multiple reasons can cause swelling on an ankle including tendonitis, stress fractures, and so on. You can visit a foot and ankle surgeon for further evaluation and treatment.
Have you ever sprained your ankle? Is there a family history of ankle swelling? Your foot type could be a contributing factor. There are lots of reasons for ankle swelling after high impact exercise.
Swelling in the ankles can come from many different things. During your run you may be placing too much pressure on certain parts of your foot. This makes your muscles and tendons work harder. The surface you run on can also cause a negative effect on your feet as well. You may need to start with changing your shoe. It’s important that you wear a good running shoe (suggestions: New Balance/ Ascics). Stretch after you run and you may need to ice the feet along the painful areas for 15min after exercise. If you continue to have problems go to see your local Podiatrist for a work-up.
The swelling could be due to many reasons. Diet, amount of fluid in your body, activity and potential soft tissue injury. Recommend evaluation by physician.
Sorry I did not get the chance to respond right away, but based on the information you have provided to me, unfortunately, there are too many things that can be causing the swelling. My suggestion is either follow up with your primary care doctor or call and make an appointment with us at 908-475-8750. Thank you so much, I'm sorry I could not help much further.
There are many reasons for developing peripheral swelling or edema. This swelling can represent inflammatory reaction due to overuse syndromes and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, arthritic or rheumatic disorders, infectious, tumor, vascular and fluid exchange processes of the tissues due to electrolyte imbalances and other organ disease processes to include kidney and liver function.

Clinical history is critical to assisting in what may be the potential cause. Frequently asymmetric or single leg swelling is representative of a local process of the extremity. When there is bilateral (both limb) involvement, this more than likely represents a systemic or generalized process. It is also critical to understand whether there is associated pain with the presentation. Painful peripheral swelling of joints can represent rheumatic processes. It is also extremely important to identify how long the swelling persists and what is done to relieve the presentation. Given you describe yourself as an 18-year-old girl who appears to be healthy and active as this presentation is developing after running or workout sessions, then the more likely factors appear to revolve around musculoskeletal disorders. Medical evaluation should include basic laboratory studies, radiographs of the ankles and a good physical examination of the involved anatomy with subsequent studies as required to determine the cause of this presentation.
You may have venous insufficiency, meaning your venous system has changed. Also, in your next physical, ask your general doc how is your BUN and creatinine ranges, these let you know how your kidneys are functioning.
Well, there are a lot of reasons for this especially if its directly after running. My advice would be to see an orthopedic surgeon. Probable diagnoses would be: stress fractures of the tbiae (shin bones), shin splints, and occasionally exercise induced compartment syndrome (rare). But a thorough evaluation with X-rays, and physical exam would be best to make the diagnosis and be cured of the condition. I hope that helps.
Dr. O
Please E-mail me back with your answers to: is there any pain with the swelling; how far do you run or for how long do you run and does swelling begin during the run? Exactly what do you do during your workout sessions and how long are the sessions and again at what point does the swelling start. There can be many reasons and I can give you a more specific reason when I get your answers.
First a cause needs to be found, which could be anything from congestive heart failure (bad) to superficial phlebitis (not so bad). Needs to be evaluated ASAP.

Geoffrey Bricker, DPM
Could be the foot gear that compress the joint. You might have flat feet or you might have joint or ligament imbalance. Do an X-ray Orthotics.
Could be the Achilles’ tendon is tight.

Hello and thank you for your question. The most common reason I see a young patient as yourself complain of ankle pain especially after rigorous exercise regimens is something called posterior tibial tendonitis. I have experience treating this condition and thankfully it is treatable! I would need to perform a complete workup to establish a diagnosis as ankle pain can be caused by many things. Feel free to contact the office during normal buisness hours and I would be happy to answer any additional questions you have. Thank you so much for your inquiry.