Neurologist Questions Headaches

Headaches from glasses. Is it serious?

Since I've gotten my glasses, I've been getting a lot of headaches for, what it seems, no rhyme or reason. I can't really take it any more, and these headaches are making it hard for me focus. Why are they happening?

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There are many reasons for a person to have headaches, it just might be coincidental that they started to occur when you receive your eyeglasses. However, if you have a very significant prescription and for some reason the glasses are not correct, that could influence your headaches and you should absolutely return to your eye doctor and have them check your prescription. And the fact that the glasses were made correctly, if that is all normal, your headaches are originating from another source.
Why not go to the prescriber and check to see if they were made correctly as to the prescription or whether the actual refraction was wrong? If this does not correct the problem get a medical/neurological evaluation.
The headaches are not an indication of something serious, but do not suffer with them. Return to your doctor to figure out the cause.

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David J. Pinhas, M.D.
Your prescription could be off. This could cause eye strain, which could give you headaches. I would go back to the doctor and have your prescription checked.
Poor fitting glasses can cause problems. Poorly centered lenses can be an issue. Some just cannot tolerate glasses on the eye, in which case contact lenses may help. Otherwise, surgical treatments will be required.
Most common reason is that the glasses are incorrect. Get another exam.