Dentist Questions Bad Breath

What can I do to help with my bad breath problem?

Lately, it seems that I always have bad breath no matter how many times I brush my teeth or use mouth wash. Is there anything I can do help with this embarrassing problem?

11 Answers

Halitosis (bad breath) could mean a variety of causes:

1) not having the tongue clean
2) not having a dental cleaning
3) having an uncontrolled bone loss
4) a recurrent tooth cavity
5) a gastro intestinal condition undiagnosed
Halitosis is usually easily controlled by proper brushing and monitoring your intake of foods and fluids after you brush before bedtime. Sinus drainage, over retained wisdom teeth that should have been removed, or condition known as periodontal disease which needs to be diagnosed by your dentist are the most common reasons for chronic conditions you describe. Also your salivary glands maybe infected which is part of the lymphatic system and this could be out of balance as would be determined by your ear nose and throat specialist. Over the counter remedies will generally be unsuccessful without ruling out any pathology that actually treats the problem and doesn't cover it up.
Please see your dentist to get your gums evaluated for periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can contribute in causing halitosis or bad breath
I'm sorry to hear this. Usually, the number one reason for bad breath is underlying gum disease. Of course, teeth that are broken down or have
multiple cavities may also lead to bad breath. If it's not an oral issue, it may be stemming from your stomach. Before conducting medical tests, though, I would make an appointment with your dentist to evaluate your periodontal condition by conducting a thorough medical history, a complete periodontal exam, a cavity check and take current X-rays if you haven't had them for awhile. By doing so, the dentist can conclude if in fact the bad breath is stemming from an oral issue or you need to be referred to a specialist for further work up. Good luck.
This is most likely due to an infection in the gums. I recommend seeing your dental professional for evaluation and treatment as needed.
This might be coming from your throat or tongue. Be sure to brush your tongue, cheeks and palate after brushing your teeth. Have a dentist check your tonsils.
For sure, you have a problem "hidden" under your gums or between your teeth. Check for bleeding an bad odor when flossing. Very seldom, but it could be you have an esophageal regurgitation. See your doctor. Make sure you brush your tongue well!
Make sure you are following your hygienist's advice. If no oral cause can be found, you might need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist.
Cause of bad breath is either from the mouth and gums/tongue/cheeks...or stomach/GI. Get your teeth cleaned by a dentist and brush minimum 2x daily and floss daily. If it still persists, seek help from your medical doctor.
Bad breath can be caused by a lot of factors, but from your question, you are taking care of the factors in your mouth. Sometimes bad breath can be caused from inside by diabetes, etc. I will advise you to see your dentist to rule out any oral cause.
Assuming you are brushing and flossing properly I would recommend consulting your dentist. Sometimes sulphur producing bacteria can cause bad breath and certain prescription mouth rinses may be prescribed.