Dentist Questions Bad Breath

What causes bad breath in the morning?

When I wake up, I have a bad case of "morning breath." It typically goes away after brushing my teeth, flossing, etc., but what causes this to happen in the first place? I know morning breath is common.

3 Answers

Bad breath is caused by the fermentation of organic food by the bacteria overnight. During the day, ou tong and saliva makes a mechanical cleaning of our mouth. At night, salivation is dramatically reduced and the tong is not moving, so this cleaning does not take place, allowing for the bacterias to proliferate and "have a party"in our mouths. for that reason, the night oral hygiene is the most important one, with good brushing, flossing and mouthwash.
Biological film, remaining food particles, on the tongue also, also from stomach
You have to floss and brush before bed too. Also your diet has a lot to do with it.