Chiropractor Questions Hip Pain

I am having a lot of hip pain that doctors say is due to spinal degeneration. Can a chiropractor help?

I am 62 years old and am suffering from a lot of hip pain. The doctor says its due to spinal degeneration. Would seeing a chiropractor help to ease this pain? I really do not like taking pain medication.

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Yes consult a chiropractor immediately.
Chiropractic has helped with many conditions of the joints of your body to alleviate pain. Isolating the cause of your hip pain would be needed to see if it can be helped. We need to know if the hip pain is a result of referral from your low back or the degeneration of the hip itself.
Yes, medication will just cover up the pain. Chiropractics will get to the cause. That is as long as they are correct and it is not actually your hip. Have you had MRI’s of both your hip and your low back? If your hip MRI is negative and your lumbar MRI shows disc bulges or degeneration, then it is definitely a series of chiropractic adjustments that will help.
Great question. Regular chiropractic care can definitely help with spinal degeneration. While it will not reverse this condition, we have gentle techniques to improve the motion and decrease the pain around the degeneration, allowing you to live a full, enjoyable life.
Yes spinal adjustment can reduce pain and increase function
Seeing a chiropractor would most likely help, but if the degeneration is too severe, perhaps using a low force technique or non force technique. Hope i helped. Got your back! Dr. Todd Gewant- Chiropractor
The hip joint is fed by nerves from the lumbar and sacral plexus of nerves. DJD of the hip joint socket can also cause lots of pain. The clinician must determine whart the cause is, and an MRI of the linbar spine and affected hip joint may be warrented. If the spine and spinal nerve roots are involved, then corrective chiropractic care can be very efective and even eliminate this pain.
Yes seeing the right Chiropractor could help ease the pain. If you're in NJ contact our office at 201-265-0555 and we will help you figure out a solution
Degeneration occurs from immobility, which can occur after injuries or joint fixation. Chiropractic helps restore motion, which can prevent future degeneration and decrease pain.
The short answer is yes, however it depends on the severity of your degeneration. I would bring any imaging studies you have had taken of your back to a chiropractor for a consult.
I would suggest to look for a chiropractor that specializes in spinal decompression.
It is possible. However, your Chiropractor may need to do a thorough history and have recent diagnostic studies to help with evaluating your case.
In a good number of cases, chiropractics, combined with clinical nutrition, is very helpful for such pain. There is always the issue of limitation of matter, so if the joint is totally degenerated or significant stenosis is present, no amount of adjusting will help that. I've had a lot of success with this.
Yes, it can prevent it from getting worse and alleviate pain.

A good chiropractic exam will be able to give a good diagnostic confirming if the pain is coming or not from your spine. In any case, a doctor in chiropractic is the best professional to help you with your problem, even if it is not coming from your spine. There are different approaches which include muscle therapy, peripheral manipulation, exercise recommendation, and also nutrition for inflammation or arthrosis!
I am definitely sure that chiropractic care could help you recover and take back your life!


Dre Geneviève Gagné, chiropraticienne, DC

Sorry to hear of your health issues and pain. You don't mention how long you have been having these symptoms. A good chiropractor can look at your health history, X-rays, and perform an examination to determine the degree to which the degenerative condition is contributing to your pain. Degenerative changes take long periods of time to develop and generally predate any symptoms by a long time. I often see patients who attribute their pain to "arthritis or degeneration" who, after beginning treatment and a good home care program including the use of exercise and ice, see significant pain relief and increased function. I would urge you to seek care from a good chiropractor and try to avoid pain medications if at all possible.

Good luck and good health,

J.L. Harris, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
In some cases yes. It will depend on what phase of spinal degeneration you are in.
Yes, chiropractics can help. It may not be able to get rid of all the pain, but it can give you a better quality of life.