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How can I test myself for thyroid problems?

I am 28 year old female. I suspect I have thyroid problems. How can I test myself for thyroid problems?

3 Answers

You get your TSH, Free T3 and T 4 checked. Thanks.
Blood test. TSH.
You cannot test yourself for thyroid disease. There are 2 things to do if you suspect thyroid disease. See a competent physician with expertise in thyroid disease & explain your symptoms. The physician should the feel your thyroid area for masses or nodules or enlargement. If found the further testing with ultrasound & maybe radioactive iodine. If no masses are found by touch the lab tests are needed. First to be done is a blood test for thyroid hormone (FreeT4) and pituitary stimulating hormone (TSH). If the thyroid is enlarged then a test for antibodies to the thyroid should be done to rule out an inflammatory disease that may be destroying the gland. If you do have thyroid disease there is medicine that is cheap & easy to take but is by prescription, so you need to see a physician.