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How do I stop my gums from growing over my braces?

I am a 19 year old female. I want to know how can I stop my gums from growing over my braces?

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Gums (gingival tissues) do like to grow and swell up (become inflamed) in the presence of braces. There are a few different reasons for this to happen. First of all, gum tissues naturally get inflamed in the presence of braces. Braces cause put pressures on the teeth and the gums have to adjust accordingly. This means they fill up with blood. So, the first thing to figure out is, are the gums actually growing over the braces or are they just so swollen that the braces can barely be seen (this is usually the case, but it looks like the gingiva is growing). If this is the case, it will usually resolve over time; however, it also requires diligent cleaning of the gums and teeth to make it return to its natural state. Secondly, sometimes braces worsen a condition that was already there. This condition is hormones. Gums swell up drastically to hormones and when you add tooth movement from braces or Invisalign it sends the gums over the top. This happens to both men and women because of hormonal changes; but, women might notice fluctuations of swelling aligned with their cycle.
The important thing to remember is that you are not alone.
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William F. Scott IV, DMD
You either have very poor oral hygiene, are on medications that cause your gums to proliferate or you have gum disease issues. All need professional diagnosis before too much damage is done. Ask the team that put the braces on!
You have to do much better cleaning at home and go in between braces and tissues to make sure is clean to prevent tissue inflammation.
Not a quick fix because of all the ‘hardware’ in the way but you’ll have to be VERY consistent with your cleaning routine at home. Buy 3-4 extra soft brushes, be gentle with them and get the bristles under the bracket and wire. Use a small circular motion. The brush will wear out faster ( that’s why you have more) but the stimulation through cleaning should help this improve, Use a fluoridated mouth rinse (non alcohol) after each daily cleaning - 2 x and maybe buy / use a waterpik to help.
Dear patient,

The gum overgrowth is usually caused by bacteria that accumulate on the wires. Meticulous oral hygiene after each meal should resolve the problem. If there is a lot of overgrowth, it will subside after wires are removed.
Sounds like you need to significantly increase your dental hygiene. Better brushing, flossing and I would strongly recommend a water pik if , you have braces. You MUST see your orthodontist for evaluation, this is NOT normal.