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How long does it take to correct an overbite?

I am a 24 year old female and I have an overbite. How long does it take to correct an overbite?

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Unfortunately, without seeing X-rays and photographs, it is impossible to tell you an exact time line. Overbite correction usually takes about 20-24 months.
18 months
Overbite correction can be complex process there is no set time how long will it take to correct it. There are several factor that can help to determines Overbite correction time, e.g., if it is skeletal or dental overbite, how deep your overbite is, is it because of extrusion or upper incisors, how deep the curve of spee is, if you have full set of teeth or not, etc. You must consult with your orthodontist.
That depends on many factors and shortening treatment time is an important consideration for both patients and orthodontist. Cooperation and compliance are important, the amount and direction of tooth movement matters, non growing adults respond differently than adolescents, facial patterns are different, Teeth can only naturally move at a given rate unless accelerated by invasive bone surgery to reduce treatment time. Most adult cases should finish within 18 months, however, all of us have exceptions to any time estimate.
Hello, it varies case by case. I recommend you to see an Orthodontist so they can examine your teeth and determine the duration of correcting your overbite. Thank you for your question.