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How long does it take to fix bad posture?

I am a 28 year old male. I want to know how long does it take to fix bad posture?

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It can take more than 2 years depending on how bad your starting position is, lifestyle, and how much home care and how well your chiropractic professional does to get and keep you adjusted.
All depends on how hard you work on your posture. Specific posture exercises and chin control exercise helps the most!
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About one year to fully reprogram your spinal supporting muscles.
To the 28-year-old with bad posture,

I'm sure that you would recognize that this is not an answerable question based upon the information provided. Your age is possibly a positive element, however, without a complete examination and history, it is not possible to answer the question since we do not have any quality information regarding your situation. I recommend that you make an appointment with a local Doctor of Chiropractic and then you would have informed information.
Hey great question. There are lots of reasons for bad posture. From the physical perspective, there can be an imbalance or weakness in & between the ventral and dorsal muscles (your front and back). Sitting at a desk on a computer or over utilizing our phones can contribute greatly to this. So can of injuries. There are also non- physical reasons to create these issues. Chronic fatigue will result in a lack of energy to maintain posture. Problems like chronic Epstein Barr Virus can cause chronic fatigue. There are many other reasons, just trying to highlight a few. The best way to find out is to come in to have an evaluation to figure out your unique issue.
First of all, it depends what is wrong with your posture and what the cause is. If the cause is a severe scoliosis, it may never be corrected without surgery. If the cause is muscle imbalance, i.e., forward head posture, then home exercises are indicated. In this case, adjustments plus exercises may take 2-4 months if there are no other complicating factors such as arthritis.
Hi, how long it takes depends on you. You can fix your posture immediately if you really want to - consciously. Then you have to program your sub conscious to make it happen without your conscious awareness. Having someone help you incorporate good posture habits and give you exercises to program good posture into your daily activities speeds up the process. Hope that helps!
Bad posture takes conscious work throughout the day, every day, to change it to correct posture. It takes about 21 days to create a consistent habit. Incorrect or bad posture is a product of bad patterns and weakness in your posterior support (extender) muscles (i.e.lower trapezius, rhomboids) in comparison to the anterior flexor muscles (i.e. sternocleodomastoid, pectorals).
It can take 6+ weeks depending on what you do outside of your appointments with a chiro to correct it. Exercise, take breaks and get up from long periods of sitting, keep your computer and your phone eye level, and sit as if you’re trying not to sit on your tail (if you had one) such as sitting with your butt sticking out then your shoulders will naturally follow suit. I hope this helps! It’s all about breaking bad habits while creating good habits as well.

Dr. Kortni D.C.
Hi, thanks for reaching out.
I would need more information regarding your posture. Bad posture may be a result of a scoliosis, leg length deficiency, or perhaps other neuromuscular issue.
Thank you.
Good question,

One patient I suggested she lead with her heart and that immediately improved her posture. Other patients I teach a series of exercises with a styrofoam roll to improve posture, and that can take a couple of weeks to months, depending how frequently they do the exercises I taught them. And for others, it's related to their attitude. If they don't want to engage with the work their posture may never improve.
It depends on how long the posture has been bad. Some infants are born with a curvature of the spine, called a scoliosis. That can happen at any time of ones life, we can develop a scoliosis If your posture is bad, then the muscles attached to the area of poor posture are also tightening keeping the posture bad until you start working on it. Everyone is different, sizes, stress, how long the posture has been bad, so depending how committed the patient is anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks, which will include Chiropractic care, exercises for specific muscle groups, causing severely tight muscles in the area of poor posture, allowing the muscles to relax, allowing the posture to relax. Some physical therapy can be used, which can relax and strengthen the involved muscles.
Once again depending on how hard the patient is willing to do their work it could take 2-12 weeks of care.
There is no definite time table to fix bad posture because it varies with everyone's differing anatomy and the amount of time they commit to it. I can tell you that simply "thinking" about having good posture is usually not enough. After putting yourself in a position of good posture it usually takes less than a minute to slough back into your normal poor posture. To achieve good posture, have someone evaluate your workstation to see if you have the ideal monitor height, key board height, and chair base. Also, if you have forward head posture try doing exercises to strengthen your deep neck flexors like pushing your head backwards into a car headrest for one minute while you're stuck in traffic. For more good info, please check out our website at
How long it takes to fix bad posture depends on what is causing bad posture. If it is simply caused by deconditioning and slouching, a good work out routine for one to three months should be adequate to correct bad posture if you stop perpetuating it by slouching and moving wrong. If the poor posture returns you may need to fine tune your program - Pete Egoscue has developed several routines that can be used to surmount these issues. However other things can drive poor posture that may complicate recovery - internal organ dysfunction, emotional and psychological issues, injuries...
It can take quite a bit of time. It is more about teaching the patient how to modify their ergonomics and teach home exercises. The in office care would be mild to moderate depending on the condition.
It depends and how long you’ve had bad posture, or if you have scoliosis or any underlining spinal diseases that would make it more difficult to fix. If you are a healthy 28-year-old it’s relatively quick

Dr Adam Hutton, DC, DAAMLP
Biomechanical Spine Specialist
It depends on how determined you are to achieve it. Doing posture exercises daily and always keeping your body position in mind, along with chiropractic care, will get you the fastest results. If you are determined, you can notice significant changes in a few weeks.
Depends on the age of the patient, degree of bad posture, and length of condition. I have seen my treatment make changes in as little as 3 months. Some take 6mo to one year
This depends on the cause of bad posture and how long you have had bad posture. This can be corrected in a matter of weeks or can take years depending on many factors. Consult a Chiropractor in person for a specific plan.
It only take a second to correct your bad posture. Sit up straight. Make sure your ears are directly over your shoulders and your shoulders are over your hips. If you are standing, make sure your hips are directly over your knees and ankles. That's it. Maintaining that posture may be more difficult that it sounds, especially if you have weak postural muscles. The more you practice, the easier it gets. If you think you have a problem, visit your chiropractor.