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How often should I go to the chiropractor?

I am a 32 year old male. I have neck pain from my desk job. How often should I go to the chiropractor?

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That should be answered by your chiropractor. Each person's condition is different.
It all depends on your life’s stressors and your health. The worse those two are for you, the more you should be going to improve your health. Someone in bad health and a lot of pain I’ll often seen them multiple times a week in the beginning. My wellness and maintenance patients most often are seen twice a month and sometimes once a month. Chiropractic helps improve brain function and you want your brain functioning well your whole life, so choosing a frequency of care with your doc depends on your unique issues and health goals. I personally get adjusted at least one time a week.
The answer to this question depends very much on what is actually causing the neck pain. If it's due to a simple posture problem (which is very common), then a good chiropractor should be able to help you resolve it fairly quickly with in-office treatment and home exercises. If there is something else going on, it might take longer than a few weeks.
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Sorry to hear about your neck! So it depends on severity of symptoms and what X-rays look like; generally though, my patients start in my office multiple times a week to get the issue under control, then we taper off visit count from there. A number of visits would be tough to guess from just age and pain.
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There are no rules about Frequency. Your condition determines that. Some need more such as in the case of trauma (auto accident, sport injury, etc.). The degree of trauma is also a variable. Wellness care can be determined by the amount of stress in you. I make my patient decisions at each visit because each visit can be different.

The frequency depends on your problem. After a thorough exam and treatments a chiropractor should be able to tell how long you treatment plan will be. I like to see patients at least once a month in order to keep them subluxation free.
This really depends on a lot of variables regarding your history and workplace ergonomics. I would recommend receiving 10 treatments over the course of 3 months to completely resolve your pain and fix the body mechanics which created this issue.