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“Humerus pain”

I am sports person. I generally play tennis but nowadays my humerus bone muscle and the shoulder pains during service. I tried some online exercises to get rid of it but pain still stays the same. So pls tell me what home remedy should i apply?

Male | 20 years old
Complaint duration: 7 days
Medications: no
Conditions: no

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This kind of pain from overhead activity is usually caused by inflammation of the rotator cuff. Making sure the shoulder is strong with a lifting program is the most helpful. Home stretches for the rotator cuff and deltoid strengthening. Supplements such as turmeric and ginger may also be helpful. Ice and heat back to back is also helpful. Home massage “gun” is also helpful
Home remedies don't work. 20 year olds don't have pain unless something is wrong. See a DR
This more than likely represents a shoulder problem. If home exercises and over the counter nsaids dont help you need an orthopedic evaluation to properly define the problem and probably physical therapy.
You may be impinging your rotator cuff. Typically home exercises will not be enough. I suggest seeing a physical therapist. Your PT can apply proper manual techniques, modalities for pain that speed healing and prescribe you proper exercises for issues I bet you don't even know that you have, which may be contributing to your pain.
Overhead activities can affect our rotator cuff and/or biceps attachment in the shoulder. This could be your problem. Ice, over the counter anti-inflammatories and a couple of weeks rest should help significantly if this represents a simple overuse or strain.

If symptoms persist, then occasionally an injection (to help treat the inflammation), formal physical therapy or even an MRI may be necessary. Ask your primary physician for advice if this does persist and he/she may be able to treat or refer you to a Shoulder specialist.
Your pain is coming from your rotator cuff probably from a loose shoulder from overhead activity like serving. You need exercises to strengthen your rotator cuff and scapula (shoulder blade).
These usually will help in most cases.
Jim Tibone

There are a variety of possible reasons for your pain. The most likely is a rotator cuff impingement from overuse. This is often treated well with rest, over the counter ant-inflammatory medicine (such as Advil- if there are no stomach or kidney problems) and physical therapy focused on rotator cuff strengthening.
Other causes include, shoulder instability, rotator cuff strain, rotator cuff partial tear, or even a tear of the labrum (cartilage cushion). If you have already tried some rest and exercises with no relief, then I suggest you see an orthopedic doctor for an evaluation and formal treatment program.
What you describe is probably a rotator cuff tendonitis. This often comes from overuse or poor technique, or the combination of the two. I would avoid any overhead activities (serving, overhead volleys, etc.) or just take 2-3 weeks off playing tennis. Take some over the counter anti-inflammatories, if you are able to, regularly for a week and work on some rehabilitation exercises for your rotator cuff and scapula stabilization. Once your symptoms have resolved, I would get a lesson from a reputable tennis pro to see what you are doing that may be causing the injury and then teach you how to correct it. If this does not resolve your symptoms, you may need some formal physical therapy.

Good luck!
Dear HP,
A physical exam would clarify what type of problem you are having-bursitis, bicepital tendonitis etc. In the absense of a diagnosis, you could try over the counter Aspercreme to see if you get any relief.