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My husband feels extremely tired and drained out. How can I help him?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is currently on medications for it. He feels extremely tired and drained out. Can I give him some supplements for energy?

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Feeling tired and drained is extremely multi factorial. The best treatment is finding the root of the fatigue and treating it. Is he getting 8 hrs of sleep at night? Is he eating a well balanced diet and staying well hydrated? Is he exercising at least 20-30 min per day? Does he have a thyroid problem that can contribute to fatigue, or very low vitamin D level?
If the diabetes is in control then his problem is not from the diabetes unless he has had it for many years undiscovered. I can't get great advice for this because of the lack of data. Many are tired for many reasons.
Dear wife,

It is not possible to answer this question without knowing patient, exam, labs, and meds. He should be seen by his physician and be evaluated; this would include good history, physical exa , review of labs, and meds. I am not a believer in supplements except as replacement for deficiencies. If he is on metformin, checking b12 is important; I use vitamin d to be sure bones are strong in diabetics. If nutrition is a problem, Glucerna may be helpful. Only your physician can answer these questions.

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Marvin A. Leder, MD, FACP, FACE
Poorly controlled diabetes reflects inefficient fuel processing by the body. Medications are used to restore balance between insulin delivery and body metabolism, but they are not able to do this without the help of proper nutrition and key vitamins and supplements. I use vitamins B, C and D as well as omega 3 and Coenzyme Q10, depending on circumstances, to correct deficiencies and to prevent complications. Your husband should meet with a diabetes specialist to review his situation and decide on the most effective management plan.
Diabetes associates with tiredness if uncontrolled. A good glycemic control should help improve his energy level. If not, other potential causes should be evaluated and treated.
Tell him to eat 3 balanced meals, drink enough water and get good rest and sleep.
Without knowing his age or medications he is taking for diabetes, it's hard to identify the cause. However, he needs to have a look at his diabetes medications as well as get a check of his thyroid and testosterone, among other things.
Speak to your physician loss of energy is the most common complaint to doctors and can be from a large variety of causes i.e. anemia, vit d deficiency, other hormonal disorders. It needs an appropriate investigation
Yes, you can, but consult your Dr. as to which ones. Many of the supplements on the shelf are worthless & a waste of money. The most advertised ones are often the most worthless and are really scams. So be careful & follow a physician's advice.