Surgeon Questions Gastric Bypass

Is it possible to gain weight after a gastric bypass?

I would like to get gastric bypass surgery to help me lose my extra weight, but I'm worried that it's not going to work. Is it possible to gain weight after this procedure?

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These procedures are just tools, if you don't develop proper eating and exercise habits you regain the weight or never lose the weight.
You most certainly would. These surgeries go hand in hand with lifestyle change and dietary modifications. Consuming high caloric drinks is one of the biggest enemies of these surgeries. My advice would be meet with a bariatric surgeon to know first of all if you are indicated for these surgeries and to get a more comprehensive advice on the lifestyle modifications and what to expect post-op.
Yep, lifestyle change is a critical part of long-term success. Overeating can stretch the pouch. Regaining weight is, unfortunately, very common.
Very common concern. Although the short answer is yes, there is much more to it. After gastric bypass ALL PATIENTS WILL LOSE WEIGHT, however, the amount and duration of weight loss will vary by individual. The average weight loss is 70% of excess weight over a period of one year. I see many patients that have regained some of this weight over the following years after surgery but in almost all of these situations one of two things has happened. Either the patient is knowingly consuming a very poor high calorie diet or there is an anatomical problem that has developed with the surgery, which is usually correctable. Regaining all of the weight that was lost after surgery will occur in less that 1% of patients.
Absolutely, a routine RNYGB can be sabotaged. People who do not get symptoms from simple carbohydrates (sugar) can simply consume enough sweetened drinks to put on weight. Remember some Starbucks coffees can have upwards of 1,000 calories. Pound four of those a day and you're just not likely to lose weight. However, after surgery it is easier to diet and most can lose at least 50% of their excess weight if they try.
To answer your question, yes, it is possible to gain weight if you do not do what the doctor tells you about eating and exercise. The reason to have bypass surgery is to help you take off the pounds, but you have to do the work.

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Typical weight loss after a gastric bypass is about 75% of excess body weight. Excess body weight is the difference between your current weight and your ideal body weight. Your ideal body weight is not your preference; it is a value calculated by a formula based on your height.

For instance, if you weigh 250 lbs and your ideal weight is 150 lbs, your excess body weight is 100 lbs. You could be expected to lose about 75 lbs after a gastric bypass.

The success rate with achieving goal weight is about 80% after surgery. Patients typically keep the weight off, even up to 20 years after surgery. You may regain 10-20 lbs over the years, but you will be far better off in the long run by having surgery then by avoiding it.