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Is it time for new dentures?

I'm a 69 year old woman. My teeth are starting to feel loose. Is it time for new dentures?

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I always recommend patients have a spare set of dentures in case one set becomes lost or broken. Having said that sometimes a new set is needed, sometimes a reline may be done to tighten the dentures. A reline is a procedure done in the dentist office or sent to a dental lab. The dentist would take an impression of your mouth with your denture and fill in any spaces to refit the denture. Usually the cost for this procedure is significantly less than the cost of a new denture.
I advise you see a dentist.

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Only you and your dentist together can make this decision if new dentures are needed.
It may be time for new dentures, but an exam and evaluation would really be necessary to determine that. It depends on the condition of your mouth, the age of the denture, and what your expectations are for a final result. Perhaps they need to be relined, perhaps you want to consider implants. These are just a few of the questions that would have to be asked and
answered to evaluate what your best options are.
I hope this helps.
It is certainly time to see a dentist. Without knowing how worn down the teeth are, or how long you have been wearing them, I cannot say whether or not they could be refitted by relining. Evaluating how they chew is also important.
Have an evaluation with a dentist to see the reason for teeth mobility. If you are experiencing severe bone disease, then you may need to have your teeth removed and have full mouth dentures fabricated.
You can see the periodontal specialist first
Good morning. We look at a few factors when deciding if it is time for new dentures. First, how old are your current dentures? Are the teeth on the denture worn flat or have excessive wear? Are any cracks present in the denture base? In some cases it is possible to reline or rebase the denture. This is a process where the pink acrylic is either added to or replaced and is a good choice when the teeth are not worn down. If the teeth are worn down and you are having trouble chewing your food then a new set of dentures would be recommended.