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Is it unusual for a crown to fall out?

My crown fell out yesterday, and my mom thinks that this is very unusual for it to happen. Does this happen often? What should I do?

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It varies . Crowns can be in place for years with no problems. But eventually the cement bond fails. If you chew a lot of gum or eat sticky candy, you can pull them off much more quickly. It also depends on how much tooth structure was left when crown was placed
It can happen. See your dentist, he may just need to re-cement it, but if your tooth is broken, this may not work. A crown should last at least 4-5 years.
It is common for it to happen. A crown is cemented in place and over time a crown can fall off. See your dentist right away so they can cement it back because if you leave out too long crown may not fit the same as teeth can shift. I would use toothpaste and temp cement it back until you can see your dentist to prevent movement of your teeth.
Most crowns have longevity and are meant to protect the tooth from leakage and fracture. However, sometimes a crown can fall out due to some recurrent infection, decay or opening of the margins. Always see your dentist when this happens to find out why it happened, and what can be done to fix the problem.

Sorry to hear about your crown. It is not common for a crown to fall out; however, it is not unusual either. It is important to think about how long the crown has been in for. Some things that cause crowns to come out are poor retention, cement has been in there for a number of years, bite being off slightly (for a variety of reasons), or simply a bad batch of cement (remember cement is a product that dentist buy from manufacturers).
It is unusual. Find out what the reason is.
Crowns don’t fall out that often but it does happen occasionally. I would suggest that you take it back to the dentist and see if it can be recemented, it very possibly could be.
Crowns fall out for a number of reasons. Decay, improper home oral care, or improper crown prep may cause the crown to come out. Sometimes the crown just needs to be recemented.
The crown is cemented on the tooth. Sometimes the cement bond fails. This should not occur often. The cement bond should last many years. Have it re-cemented.
Crowns can fall, but very rarely. She must go see her dentist to make sure the structure (tooth) under the crown is intact
While it is unusual for a crown to fall off a tooth, the tooth is still susceptible to decay around the crown which can seep under the crown, rot the tooth, and cause the crown to become loose. Occasionally a crown will become loose and fall off without new decay being the cause, this is usually due to cement bonding failure and can be due to contamination during the cementation process, minimal tooth structure to bond the crown to, or a number of other causes. Hopefully you will be able to go to your dentist and he/she will be able to recement the crown you have.
Sometimes a crown comes off if it had been in your mouth for many years and a sticky chewy substance pulls it off. Sometimes there is decay underneath. Just take the crown back to your dentist and see it he or she can recement it!
Crowns do occasionally come loose for a variety of reasons. I would see a dentist asap about having the crown cemented back on the tooth.