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Is my ankle sprained?

I fell 9 days ago and all the pressure was put on my right foot when I landed. Now my ankle feels very weak. I've noticed some improvement since the fall, but it is taking a while. Should I visit a podiatrist or will this resolve on its own? I can walk on it, but it hurts and is swollen.

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You need to see a podiatrist. You likely sprained your ankle and if you do not go into a CAM boot for 2 weeks with X-ray follow up, it will heal in a weak position.

Dr. Patel
If it’s still painful this far after your injury, I’d probably suggest an X-ray to rule out fractures.
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I recommend that you see a Podiatrist, however, ankle sprains can and do get better on their own over time. The podiatrist can show you strengthening exercise
Yes, you must see a podiatrist; based on your description, it is an ankle sprained. You may require an X-ray/MRI/ CT scan of the right foot and ankle. Conservative treatments such as CAM boot with partial weight bearing on the right foot, rest, ice, and elevation for a short period of time. Once your foot swelling and pain reduce down, physical therapy will be required to regain ankle strength. If an ankle fracture is present, then it will a require surgical intervention and internal fixation.
If it is swollen or black and blue, you should have it evaluated.
Dr. Marville
Definitely visit a podiatrist. You have nothing to lose. Too often, ankle sprains are not treated to 100%, which makes you susceptible to re-injuring your ankle and dealing with chronic pain. Until you can hop on that side of your foot with absolutely no pain, then proper treatment and physical therapy are a must!
It sounds like you sprained your ankle however I would recommend you see a podiatrist for further diagnosis.
Ankle sprains can resolve on there own if it is a grade 1 or mild grade 2 sprain. A bad grade 2 or grade 3 sprain require medical care. The best treatment for ankle sprains is compression. I routinely place patients in a soft compression cast during the initial healing process and routinely recommend physical therapy and sweedo braces for people with a history of ankle sprains. My goal is to restore stability to the ankle tendons and ligaments in hopes to avoid surgery. I hope this helps and I wish you luck. Feel free to call the office if you have additional questions.
I recommend that you get your ankle evaluated by a podiatrist
Ankle sprains usually take 6 weeks to heal. There are exercises to strengthen it. An ace bandage should be used to control swelling. If there is significant pain after 4 weeks, a professional should be consulted.
I would see a foot and ankle specialist. You need X-rays. You may have bone involvement and more importantly, would benefit from physical therapy as well.
It would be advisable to see a podiatrist as soon as possible. If your ankle is still swollen and painful after 9 days, there is a good chance you could have a fracture. Despite the common misconception, even if you have a fracture, you still may be able to walk on it.
Any persistent pain or swelling to the ankle following injury exceeding more than 7 days does warrant evaluation by a medical professional or specialist. Sadly, the ankle sprain has often been overlooked as a minor musculoskeletal injury that is frequently self treated. By experience, study, and literature, these ankle injuries can cause individuals persistent problems up to 40% of the time 6 months following trauma. The ankle joint is an extremely confined joint with multiple tissues that can be injured to
include bone and cartilage, ligament, tendon and nerve. With this in mind, your injury may warrant more aggressive initial protection than simply a soft wrap and limited activity. Followed by this period of appropriate protection you may also benefit from formal physical medicine and rehabilitation in order to achieve a more expedient restoration of ankle function and reduce the likelihood of chronic issues.
It is always a good idea to visit a Podiatrist who can X-ray to determine whether there are any fractures present. In addition, any ligament damage could be ascertained. There are 3 grades of severity. First, is a mild sprain with no ligament damage; second, is a partial tear of the ligaments which could compromise the stability of the ankle long term; third grade involves a complete tear of the ligaments which would require surgery.
Do an X-ray to rule out any sprain or fracture. Most likely, a strain on the ligament can be cured by ice or strapping.
You need to let us know your level of pain from 1-10. Also, where is your pain, on the outside of the ankle which is the weakest area.and it drags the foot by the 5 toe. And if the inside called the medial compartment is also affected is a worse sprain. Overall, you need to be on a cam boot for 4 weeks.