Cardiologist Questions Irregular Heartbeat

Is my heart skipping beats?

Sometimes it feels like my heart skips a beat, then the next beat is kind of hard. What is this? Should I worry about it?

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This could be due to extra beats coming from the lower chambers of your heart something we call Premature Ventricular complexes. This can be brought on by electrolyte abnormalities, thyroid problems or Heart disease. Sometimes taking too much caffeine can precipitate it.
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What you describe is a normal physiological response that causes the left ventricle to pump much larger volume of blood during the heartbeat which follows the “skip beat”. Skipping beat is an electric beat that occurs much sooner than the due time, means it is too soon for the left ventricle to be ready to be filled with blood and eject as it does in regular normal heart beats. Typically when skipping beat occurs, no blood is ejected because the left ventricle didn’t have enough time to be filled. The skipping beat usually resets the normal heart battery and it causes it to pause before it is ready to fire all over again.

During all that time and since the last normal beat, the pumping chamber which we call the left ventricle, the blood continues to fill in the ventricle which may have accumulated as much as twice blood as normal beat because not much blood was yet available to be pumped during the skipping beat, and more importantly the pumping chamber was not ready to do so yet. Most of this volume of blood will have to be pumped during the beat which follows the skipping beat making one feeling pounding sensation in the chest, discomfort in the neck due to overstretched carotid arteries, or feeling both sensations.
See a cardiologist
24 holter monitor
This can be a completely benign case or you can have a condition that is called sick sinus syndrome and not every atrial beats is followed by a ventricular beat. You should have a 48 hours holter or if these are very infrequent have a 30-days event monitor to assess if there is any significant pause or arrhythmia that needs to be treated.
Hi, you may be experiencing irregular heart beats. If it is a rare incidence and the function of your heart is normal and no history of coronary artery disease, then you don't need to worry. If you never had evaluation of your heart, I suggest for you to do it.
This most likely represents "Premature Ventricular Contractions" which are common and in most cases are not serious. However, you should discuss this with your doctor to be on the safe side.
Difficult but good question, a lot had to do with your age, gender, risk factors, etc. I recommend getting basic labs and an echocardiogram, good physical exam, look at weight and sleep apnea, etc., if all is normal it’s usally being, also a monitor to wear for 24/ 72 hours would help combining all the above should be easy.
What you said, makes perfect sense. There is usually an early beat, followed by a compensatory pause, which you feel like a skipped beat, then the next beat is stronger. If you have no other symptoms, and are otherwise healthy, go to your primary doctor for annual visits, you should be fine. But, please do mention it to your regular doctor, if frequent, they can do a Holter monitor or Ziopatch on you.

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Most likely, this represents a Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC or VPC), these represent early electric excitation from the bottom of the heart which then blocks the normal contraction of the heart. During this time, the normal beat is blocked and the heart continues to fill with blood. The next heart beat follows this absence of contraction which is the skipped beat sensation and the next beat is a ventricle with extra blood which often is a more forceful beat that can often take your breath away or be felt into the stomach.

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