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Is obsessive-compulsive disorder curable?

My friend was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Is it curable? What are the treatment options?

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OCD may not be completely curable but it is very much treatable and patients can be stabilized to the point of normal day to day functioning if they adhere with the treatment and follow their doctor's instructions. The cause of OCD is the deficiency of serotonin in a specific area of brian. The treatment include the medications on the SSRI class and cognitive behavioural therapy specifically addressing the response prevention.
Obsessive compulsive disorder is a chronic condition. Medication can be helpful along with a type of therapy called Exposure and Response Prevention. It is important to find a trained therapist if you have been diagnosed with this condition.
OCD can be managed with medication and psychotherapy.
Treatment for OCD and related symptoms may not result in a cure. The symptoms most times can be controlled so that they don't rule your friend's daily life. He or she may need treatment for the rest of their lives. The two main treatments for OCD are psychotherapy and medications. Research suggests that the combination of medication and talk therapy may work best.
Yes it is curable. Therapy is the answer and possibly some medication. Knowing is the key to most everything! You can study things but may easily take things the wrong way this is why a professional is always the best
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