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Why is stress management important?

I am a 36 year old female and I get stressed very often. I want to know why is stress management important?

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It just helps with not only what bothers you now but in future moments

Stress has a lot of negative effects on our physical ad emotional health as well as how we respond cognitively to the world. Physically, stress affects cardiovascular, immunity, and generally lowers ability to react to strain. Emotionally, prolonged stress can lead to anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship stress. Cognitively, stress can alter how we view or react to the world. Stress is a part of life, but affective management can allow us to live a more balanced life.

Stress is the response to getting overwhelmed by responsibilities and external demands. Stress management prevent stress from becoming something more serious like an anxiety disorder. Working with a therapist, you can come up with a plan to manage things before they increase. It sounds like you are already aware that stress should be carefully monitored, which is very important.
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