Surgeon Questions Hernia

Is surgery the only option for an inguinal hernia?

I am a 44 year old male. I was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia and my doctor told me that I need to have surgery. Is surgery the only option for an inguinal hernia?

5 Answers

Yes, if that's the doctors assessment. It is abnormal anatomy.
Yes, surgery is the only option. This is a question more appropriate for a general surgeon rather than a gastroenterologist, but surgery is needed if an inguinal hernia is causing enough symptoms.
Yes. For a healthy 44 year old that’s your option.
A hernia will never go away and may stay the same size, or get bigger. Surgery is the only definitive way to treat it. Should operate only if symptomatic.
Yes. Hernias do not improve with medications or activity. Medications may help with any symptoms of discomfort or pain, but the hernia will stay. Activity will typically worsen symptoms or the size of a hernia over time. Surgery is the only option. The timing of surgery can vary depending on your activity level and symptoms.