Endodontist Questions Tooth infection

Is my tooth infection spreading?

I had nerve pain and tooth sensitivity on the last tooth on the bottom right side. However, now I feel like even the tooth before that is having a similar sensation. Could it be a sign of my tooth infection spreading?

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Probably not. Sometimes if you wait and don't go to a dentist right away it can be referred pain.
It can be any number of things. The infection may be spreading, it may be referred pain, it may be an independent problem. You have to see your dentist or endodontist to evaluate it to make the correct diagnosis.
With both teeth being side by side, the first tooth to cause problems may be the issue. It sounds like a nerve starting to go bad, which can be cleared up by having a root canal or filling, if possible.
It is possible that the infection is spreading, but a more likely explanation is either referred pain coming from the back tooth, or there is a separate, independent issue with that tooth. I can't determine that just from the information you provide. You should visit an endodontist to take X-rays and pulp testing on the teeth in question.
No, it does not spread from tooth to tooth. But the second tooth may be getting its own separate issue.
Infections in teeth do not spread to other teeth. Most probably, your tooth is not infected, but rather hyper-inflamed. If you are having any pain to temperature, this is the case. Often, a hyper-inflamed tooth (a pulpitus) will refer pain to another tooth. It can refer to an upper tooth, even up to the ear. You want to be seen ASAP to diagnose and treat the tooth.
In truth, infections do not spread from one tooth to another. However, sometimes you can get referred pain from a tooth that spreads to other areas. The brain has a harder time discriminating where pain is coming from when a nerve is agitated and painful. A dental exam can reveal the true source of the pain. A referral to an endodontist (a root canal specialist) is advised to assure that a proper diagnosis is attained.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
Yes. Please treat the infection.