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Issues after cataract surgery in one eye?

I had the surgery on July 29th. Took the drops as prescribed for 4 weeks. Finished taking drops on August 31st. The day of surgery, after the procedure, I had a corneal abrasion. The doctor wasn't alarmed. Continued with the drops. Today, Sept. 2nd I've experienced pain in that eye with some redness near the incision area. I've applied warm compresses which help. I also took two extra strength Tylenol. Should I be concerned? My next surgery for the other eye is scheduled for Sept. 9th.

Female | 66 years old
Complaint duration: 1 day
Medications: Hydrochlorathiazide
Conditions: Retinal year in 2004. Hypertension

4 Answers

You should call your eye surgeon.
Have your eyes checked again by your doc
Any time there is pain, redness, and/or decreased vision after eye surgery – especially after things were healing well – it is advisable to see your eye doctor right away. Depending on what he/she finds, there may be other necessary treatments to be performed on that eye. Regardless, it is always a good idea not to proceed with a second eye’s surgery until after the first one is healing properly.

Andrew C. Shatz, M.D.
Since cataract surgery is elective, we like to have the first eye completely settled before proceeding with the second eye. It sounds like there is an unresolved issue and might be best to return to the surgeon prior to surgery for a quick evaluation.