Gastroenterologist Questions Diabetes

My mother in law is having a low appetite and feels nausea even when she eats little. Why is it happening?

My mother in law is 72 years old. She is heavily diabetic and has a creatine level of 5. She has been sleeping a lot and of late her appetite is very poor. Even when she eats little she feels nausea and is unable to eat. Why is all of this happening? Is it connected to her digestive system or due to her increased creatine levels?

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There are number of potential diagnoses that come to mind. My short list differential regardless of the creatinine clearance issue includes: gallbladder disease, gastritis, or gastric ulcer, gastroparesis or other gastric motility disorders. Many with renal failure issues may especially be subject to gastritis or duodenitis or ulcer disease as well as gastric motility issues. Immediate diagnostic evaluation should include upper endoscopy as well as gastric emptying Electrogastrography. Gallbladder studies will also need to be done.

Mark Noar
There are probably multiple factors in causing her symptoms, including diabetes, chronic renal disease as well as digestive disorders.  You may seek more clarification by consulting a gastroenterologist.
She more than likely having symptoms of uremia, or a motility disorder from diabetes. She needs to be seen by both a diabetologist and a gastroenterologist. If not on dialysis, she needs to be.

Alain Ades
GI diseases need to be excluded but suspect renal insufficiency is causing sx. She appears to be in renal failure
She seems to have renal insufficiency. Diabetic gastropresis also possible, as well as peptic ulcer and other serious conditions. Consult her doctor please.