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How can I manage my blood sugar while running?

I am a runner and have recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I have started taking medication for it, however, in my last run my sugar level dropped and I couldn’t complete my 3rd lap. How can I manage this better in the future?

3 Answers

I would find a Godly, Christian internist and talk about diet and protein and review your particular diabetic profile.
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Dr. Doug Duncan, MD
Usually, eating proteins and/or proteins with carbohydrates will help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Eat 30-45 minutes before exercising - usually a portion the size of your fist or smaller. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.
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The answer to this question involves maintaining relatively constant daily exercise or changing your daily exercise very gradually, changes in eating prior to exercise and after exercise, and adjustment of your medicine(s). For every diabetic runner, the care needs to be individualized. All of these considerations need to be discussed between you and the physician managing your diabetes on an ongoing basis in order to keep your diabetes always under good control and avoid low blood sugar during and after exercise.