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I have had mild symptoms of the flu continuously for two months. What could be the reason?

I have had symptoms of the flu that have been there continuously for two months. My doctor put me on antibiotics which took a toll on my body. What could be the reason? I feel like I'm at a loss. What can I do?

4 Answers

Since antibiotics did not help, this could be due to a virus or a deep-seated bacterial infection, one in which the drugs could not reach.
There could be multiple reason, you need a through workup
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You do not say what the symptoms are specifically. The flu does not last for 2 months and perhaps your symptoms started with an illness that was viral and not bacterial. Antibiotics are for treating bacterial infections.
They do NOT treat viral infections.
If you have not followed up with your doctor, please do so. If you have and still are at a loss you can always change doctors.
But doctors typically want their patients to get well. It is their task to investigate, diagnose possible possible problems, test and treat.

Take Care and God Bless
That could be about a thousand different things. See your doctor.