Chiropractor Questions Thyroid Diseases

Does overactive thyroid cause neck pain?

I have a shooting pain in my neck. Could this be due to an overactive thyroid gland?

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I would check with your M.D.
Yes, hormones unbalance could cause muscle and joint pain.
I do not believe an overactive thyroid is solely responsible for the neck pain. However, a thyroid scan may be helpful to check out if there are any thyroid nodules, etc. Your neck should be checked out by a chiropractic physician, trained in Gonstead chiropractic correction.
No, but the nerves exiting the neck control the activity of the thyroid.
not usually thyroid related but you should be evaluated to make sure it isn't something more serious
Not usually, however we are very complicated. I would consult with your medical doctor first, and then set up a consult with a chiropractor.
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An overactive thyroid is not the likely cause of your pain. Yes, you can experience aches and pains from thyroid issues, but not typically what you're describing. I suggest you visit a local chiropractor to have the neck fully examined to find out the actual cause.

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Dr. Hewitt
There’s an organ to vertebrae connection. So, to answer your question, yes. Just like babies with colic issues, there’s a neurological connection between the first three lumbar vertebrae to the colon.
It can.
There may be some correlation but I would consult your doctor and get some blood work done to check your thyroid function. If the thyroid is normal, contact a chiropractor to check the joints in your neck for misalignment.
No. Very unlikely.
Shooting pain in the neck could be dozens of things. More commonly, it is due to an issue at or near the spine or intervertebral disc. You could easily have a chiropractor rule this out with a spinal exam and X-ray.

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Possibly can be. Mostly in those who have a goiter, though. Get your neck evaluated to see what the source is.

Vishal K. Verma, DC, CCSP