Ophthalmologist Questions Parasitic Infections

My husband has a parasite eye infection. Is it contagious?

My husband has recently been diagnosed with a parasitic eye infection and is undergoing treatment. Do you think this infection could be contagious?

3 Answers

This disease is probably Demodex Follicularum and is contagious. He probably has been advised to cleanse his eyelid and lashes with various medications that will kill the adult organism and the larva which live within the follicle of the lash. Consistent cleansing with these hypochlorites will kill off adults and larva over a two- to three-week time period. Family members are in jeopardy as the organism is able to pass from one person to another if close enough. If symptoms of itchy, burning, crusted lids occur in a family member who has been diagnosed with this parasite, safety would dictate that lid scrubs should also be considered if diagnosis is confirmed by an ophthalmologist.

Roger Ohanesian, MD
The parasitic eye infection can be contagious. You need to avoid sharing pillows.
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If it's toxoplasmosis, it is usually not contagious to others if it's in the retina.