Pediatrician Questions Jaundice

My baby has been passing extremely yellow urine. Could it be jaundice?

My baby is 3 months old and her urine is extremely yellow in color. She is not feeding very well either. Could it be a sign of jaundice or something else?

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Usually this means the urine is concentrated from not eating well. Jaundice should not be present now. She could also have a kidney infection. Try increasing fluids, if no better she needs to be checked.
She is most likely to be dehydrated and not gaining enough weight. She should be checked by a Paediatrician ASAP
Extremely yellow urine usually means not enough "free water" in the diet. If the baby was jaundiced you would notice the "yellow" color in the whites of her eyes.
Try an extra ounce or two of water usually spaced out with 1/2 to 1 ounce in the morning and the same late afternoon
Usually if there is jaundice, the skin or mucosas will show signs of it. If you are judging the urine color based on the diaper color after urinating, this may not be an accurate perception of the real color. The filling of the diaper and the material the diapers are made may change colors and give different tones than the urine really is. If you are actually seeing the color of the urine somehow, too yellow of a color may be an indicator of poor feeing, oral intake or hydration. It would be a good idea to have a visit to your pediatrician to check her weight, perhaps even the urine and to have a general exam to make sure everything else is OK.
The fact that baby is only 3 mos and not feeding well needs to be evaluated by your ZpCP or go to ED so they can run some tests. It also means that the baby can be dehydrated that’s why the urine is dark or concentrated. Either way, pls bring the baby asap to your PCP or Emergency room. By the way, is the baby being breastfed? If baby is not taking enough milk, baby can be dehydrated.

The most noticeable symptoms of jaundice are yellowish skin and the whites of the eyes; urine is usually light yellow. If your baby has yellow skin, it might be necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible. If your baby has dark yellow urine, it might be the sign that he (she) doesn’t get enough nutrition, mostly fluids. It still might be breast milk jaundice if you breastfeed the baby, don’t be confused with breastfeeding jaundice. So, if you breast feed, check your diet, everything you eat goes to your baby. He (she) might not like the taste of it. If you use formula, you might try a different one. Also, try to give more fluids (water) and definitely check with your family doctor or pediatrician. It is impossible to give the right diagnosis without looking at the baby. I wish your baby good health.

It could be the baby is dehydrated and not taking in enough liquids.
It could be dehydration. See the pediatrician.
I don't think it is a sign of jaundice. Jaundice usually has yellow skin. Yellow urine usually means mild dehydration. I would have that evaluated by your MD.
More likely a sign of dehydration rather than jaundice