Dentist Questions Halitosis

I have halitosis. Is there a permanent solution to help with this?

I have been suffering from halitosis for a few years now. Is there a permanent solution that can help with this?

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Check for post nasal drip.
Hello, this is a tough one. Although tongue brushing can be affective, but the true reason of halitosis is not known! You might pay attention to your diet and frequency of your eating. What you eat as far as garlic and onion has a lot to do with it as well. I highly recommend that you see your dentist to rule out gum disease which can cause a very bad odor in the mouth.
This may require help from your ear, nose, and throat doctor as well as your dentist to determine the actual cause, whether it be a carious lesion in a tooth that is untreated, over-retained wisdom teeth, or follicular tonsillitis or some manifestation of the oropharynx causing the halitosis.
You need to have the cause of this diagnosed as there are many: post-nasal drip, tonsillar crypts, periodontal disease, stomach issues, and others. Your dentist and physician can help you find the cause.
Keep up with periodical exams, cleanings, and proper home care.
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There are many possible causes for halitosis, therefore the first step should be find out what is the cause (e.g., periodontal problem, food impaction, decayed teeth, bacterial/fungal infection).

I advise you to visit a dentist to have a proper consultation, and then treat it accordingly.

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Dr. Chun-I Lee
First, check with your dentist to see if it is a dental issue. If not, then an ENT or a GI doc. It can be fixed!! 

Richard J. Staller, D.D.S.