Allergist and Immunologist Questions Poor immunity

Is poor immunity a heriditary problem?

I have always been prone to getting sick, ever since I was a child. I'm now pregnant, and I'm wondering if poor immunity is a hereditary issue.

2 Answers

I am sorry you are struggling with frequently getting sick but I don't want you to worry about your child. While certain allergic and immune issues are hereditary if you have not been diagnosed with one of those specific conditions your baby should be fine.
You can make sure you stay healthy as much as you can while pregnant and have regular check ups and that will ensure the health of your baby.

Congratulations and wishing you an easy pregnancy and delivery.
There are specific hereditary immunodeficiency syndromes, most of which present in early childhood. Infectious diseases can attack the immune system, e.g., AIDS. In your case, if you have had recurrent infections throughout your life, this could possibly be related to allergies.


Margaret L. Soderberg, M.D., FACAAIBoard Certified