Endodontist Questions Root Canal

Can a root canal have prolonged recovery?

I underwent a root canal about 6 months back, however I have still not completely recovered from it. Does the recovery sometimes take this long?

9 Answers

Usually not. You should probably be examined by a root canal specialist
Ideally any root canal treated tooth should behave like any other tooth. Some people may take longer to heal. But for an accurate diagnosis you should get second opinion by a trained endodontist or dentist.
Soreness is to be expected for about two weeks. If you are still having pain then it is recommended that you follow up for a re-evaluation of the tooth.
It could take some time. If you had the infection, it was eating away at the bone of tooth, and that takes time to heal. With mother nature's process, everyone varies on the healing process; it can happen fast or take up to a year.
Most root canal recoveries will be within a few weeks. Sometimes they never feel 100% better. This is especially true with cracked teeth. Unfortunately, any medical or dental procedure has the possibility of not working. You should follow up with the dentist who did it, or a specialist, to diagnose if there is an issue.
Recovery from root canal treatment is typically back to normal within two weeks. It depends on your symptoms of "not completely recovered." It is also important to know your prior symptoms and how they relate to now.
Typically, after six months, your tooth should be feeling good. If not, I would recommend returning to the dentist who treated the tooth or scheduling a consultation with an endodontist, a root canal specialist.

Brett E. Gilbert, D.D.S.
You should clarify recovery. If you have pain when biting or chewing, you should check the bite and reduce it. That is the biggest complication I see and the easiest to correct. Often, the crown is off a little and your bite ever-so-slightly too hard on it. Not really noticeable at first.
There is not enough information to determine whether this is normal or if there is something wrong with your root canal. In general, it is possible for the tooth to feel a little achy or tender for 6-12 months after a root canal. Sometimes there is little to no discomfort immediately after the procedure. On the other hand, there could be some reason causing your symptoms, and it is impossible to speculate what it could be without more information. You should contact the dentist who did the root canal and asked to have it checked.