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Should I wait to have my wisdom teeth extracted?

I feel two of my wisdom teeth coming in at the top part of my mouth. I know that they need to be removed because me and my dentist already talked about me not having enough room for them. But, only two are coming in, and I don't want to do an extraction for just those two--I'd rather do it for all of them at once. Should I wait until the others start coming in to get them extracted?

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Find out how far apart the lower wisdom teeth are from coming in from uppers, and if they are only a couple of months apart, then wait, if they are years apart then no, have the upper wisdom teeth out.
I would not wait until the others come in. This may never happen, and if it does, it will lead to more pain and crowding. The earlier you get the teeth removed the easier it is for the surgeon and the more minimal the surgery will be. I would get them all taken out at the same time and it seems to be that time for you. I would visit your dental care professional for appropriate referrals as needed. Good luck.
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Nope, get them all at once. It will be easier on you.
You can take all of them out any time. You don’t have to wait if they need to come out.
You should never extract a lower wisdom tooth unless it's absolutely necessary. The reason is because in the course of removal there is risk of disrupting the nerve that gives you sensation along your lower jaw up to the front of your lip causing numbness. It's a low risk and the numbness will resolve most of the time (but not all of the time). Of course if you're the patient who ends up going numb during the course of a lower wisdom tooth extraction you won't care about the odds. Lower wisdom teeth are usually tightly anchored into the jaw and their removal can be difficult.

Upper wisdom teeth present with less anatomical risks . Removing them for the sake of removing them is not a good idea. If they have a cavity, an infection, if they're significantly impacting your hygiene and challenging to clean, if they're impacting normal activity such as working, studying, social situations- or are such that you are "always thinking about that damn wisdom tooth"- entertaining their removal is merited. When they aren't impacted upper wisdom teeth aren't terribly difficult to remove. Usually the jaw bone isn't as dense and they aren't anchored in the jaw as tightly as lower wisdom teeth.

I am not in agreement they should be removed just for the sake of removing, or just because the may appear to cause crowding. There should be sound reason and patients should be correctly informed. In my opinion wisdom teeth are largely removed without serious need.
Go see a dentist and get some x-rays of these wisdom teeth. The answer to your question really depends upon the shape of your mouth and the angle that the impacted teeth are at.